, a chess-centric website with tens of millions of players, has just announced its newest platform: the Chess Zero Profit NFT Platform that allows artists to earn their share in royalties for games they create on the site. is a website that allows people to play chess for free. However, the site has recently introduced a new platform called “Zero Profit NFT Platform.” This platform allows users to create and trade in-game assets with other players across multiple games. Celebrates Victories with Zero Profit NFT Platform

Chess is one unusual subculture that has embraced the world of NFTs. A well-organized group of tactical players that are passionate about the checkered board. One company has already released NFT competitive chess boards and plans to launch its own customised metaverse shortly.

The non-fungible, on the other hand, will now attempt to brighten the community by enabling players to record their most spectacular bouts on the blockchain. As a consequence, strategic gaming site has developed, an unique NFT platform where players can mint their matches as collectable NFTs and exchange them around the Web3 ecosystem.

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Members of may turn their most recent battles into non-fungible tokens using a totally opt-in method. Each one will show the full game as a GIF, as well as the top three stats and the two players involved. As a result, implementing a system where rarity is determined by the opponent’s quality and the way in which they were vanquished. After creating an item, players may give, sell, or trade it inside the game’s ecosystem or on a suitable marketplace like OpenSea.

Furthermore, as a show of solidarity, will benefit from the project at no cost. Instead, give the creator 100 percent of the earnings from the initial sale, and put aside 5% of secondary sales for platform maintenance and development. Users may also mint their first three NFTs for free, after which they will be charged $5 per item. A levy that will cover upkeep as well as a creators fund.


The “fide nft” is a platform that allows players to create and trade in-game assets., the world’s largest chess site, has recently announced its adoption of the platform to celebrate victories with zero profit.

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