Chariverse is a humanitarian organization that aims to reduce global poverty by empowering individuals and communities in need. Chariverse uses an NFTs-powered platform integrated with cryptocurrency, which allows it to help people around the world without borders or restrictions on donations.

The “NFTs art” is a decentralized organization that is trying to create a platform for people to trade artwork, collectibles and other non-fungible tokens.

Chariverse NFTs - the First Decentralized Humanitarian Organization

Do you want to keep adding to your NFT collection while also assisting disadvantaged children all across the world? Chariverse is forming a community committed to this purpose. It is the first decentralized humanitarian organization to use their own Charifund philanthropic liquidity fund to fund charitable organizations all across the globe.

The Initiative

Chariverse is a one-of-a-kind NFT initiative that combines technology, charity, and crypto enthusiasts to encourage innovation and change. Chariverse intends to enhance the lives of children in vulnerable nations by generating finances via the selling of NFTs, which is inspired by Asian economic practices.

The money are controlled using the DAO method, with half of the monies collected going to the Charifund and the other half going to the ‘Save the Children’ charity right away. The remaining half will be awarded at the option of Kids NFT holders to charity in ten different countries. The remaining 50% of cash received will be used for marketing and the development of future NFT collections.

Chariverse’s Children’s Collection

This collection, titled “Kids of Chariverse” NFTs, offers bright and unusual images of children from all around the globe. There will be a total of 8,888 Kids NFTs produced, with each mint producing six NFT characteristics and four distinct rarity rankings.

Holders of Kids NFTs will be able to participate in Charifund’s development and marketing choices, as well as vote on which charity organizations the money should be distributed to.


The Drop

Chariverse is based on the Ethereum network, and a Chariverse Kids NFT mint costs 0.1 Ethereum. The first Chariverse Kids NFT collection will be available for sale by the end of 2021, but the Chariverse team is launching a giveaway promotion that will include an NFT airdrop on December 1st. There will also be a presale round; for more information on the giveaway and the presale, join the Chariverse Discord here.


There will be a Chariverse DAO token airdrop to NFT holders, a Chariverse DHO launch, the launch of Giants of Chariverse NFTs, and more after the launch of Kids of Chariverse NFTs, the Charifund development, and new relationships with charitable organizations.

Partnerships with additional charitable foundations, ten community voting rounds on cash distribution, and the mint of Faeries of Chariverse NFTs are all on the roadmap.

The Team

The Chariverse team now consists of five crypto enthusiasts who are on a journey to realize their vision of a decentralized humanity organization. Front-end development, back-end development, community administration, artwork production, and charitable foundation collaborations are among their specialties.

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