, the leading crypto casino in Switzerland, hosted a Crypto Pizza Party with celebrity chef Christian Petroni on the NFTs platform. The event was streamed live and participants were able to earn PizzaCoins for helping spread awareness of NFTs by retweeting or posting their thoughts about the party, which took place on April 13th at 6pm GMT

Celebrity Chef Christian Petroni Launches NFT Pizza Party on

Petroni is collaborating with culinary app ‘8it’ and creative director David Schwen for the first secret pizza party, which will be held on on March 14th. 

New York City- On March 14th, Italian culinary master Christian Petroni will unveil his innovative ‘edible NFT’ idea. The NFT drop will provide holders access to Petroni’s members-only Pizza Party pop-up, which will open on March 20th in New York. 

 When you arrive, you’ll be met by Petroni himself, who will be presenting his trademark garlic butter Sicilian pie. You’ll also acquire some of his rare’swag’ and, of course, you’ll get to interact and eat with the pizza pie community.  

 In conclusion, by buying this NFT, you will be able to immortalize your experience with a piece of digital art, meet Petroni and his community, sample his famed pizza, and wear some of his branded merchandise. Nice!


 Petroni told, “I adore where the fucking world is heading.” “With these new pathways of digital money and blockchain-protected artwork,” says the author. 

 “In this arrangement, the artists get paid, the chefs get paid — [as do] the cooks who are assisting me with our NFT pizza party; they all get paid because [collectors] buy NFTs and open doors for us to organize additional events like this.”

“It will enable me to continue doing this by allowing me to recruit more creative individuals.”

 On 8it’s ‘Edible NFT’ Discord channel, after you’ve joined the Petroni’s NFT community, you’ll be able to vote on the location of the next hidden pizza party. 

 As celebrities like Petroni attempt to utilize their celebrity in the decentralized blockchain realm, we’re witnessing NFTs evolve from pure collectibles to real-world, community value. 

NFT pizzas

  Christian Petroni’s bio

Petroni is the latest in a long line of famous chefs to embrace NFTs and blockchain technology in order to foster community. He is most known for his groundbreaking ‘Fortina’ restaurant franchise in New York, and he came to fame as a contestant and judge on the Food Network. 

 Petroni recently departed the Fortina Group to launch Gagabool Media, a multi-media consulting firm focused to developing content for chefs and small companies throughout the globe. 

 For the next release, the Culinary Network star, who grew up in the Bronx, is collaborating with food app ‘8it’ and creative director David Schwen.

 “We really wanted to do this first Edible NFT correctly and not over commit, and not go on the hype train,” he said.

 “We want to offer you guys some really fantastic art, hold a terrific pizza party, feed you some delicious pizza, and get you some fun Gabagool things in the meanwhile — and ideally you’ll have enough fun and appreciate it that if we do anything else, you’ll want to join us again.”

 If you’re craving a piece of this pizza pie, mark your calendars for the ‘Pie Day’ drop on March 14th on 

Details may vary, and will be available on 8it’s website or the “Petroni’s Pizza Party” drop page. 

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