The Care Bears are celebrating their 40th anniversary with the launch of a new digital collectibles game for fans to buy, sell and trade on the blockchain. The characters have been made into NFTs which can be bought or traded through an online marketplace developed by Playful Corp., called CryptoKitties. These Kitties are not limited editions like most physical toys – each one is unique because they’re all coded in a smart contract that will keep track of its ownership and manage any interaction with it over time.

The “care a lot bear 40th anniversary” is the first ever NFTs to be released by Care Bears. The company has recently launched its new cryptocurrency, called CARE tokens.

The debut of an NFT collection marks the 40th anniversary of the charming Care Bears universe. The “Care Bears Forever” collection, created in collaboration with NFT platform RECUR, with the slogan “Let’s change this Bear Market into a Care Bears.”

10,000 PFP NFTs from the show’s ten main characters—Cheer Bear, Grump Bear, Funshine Bear, Good Luck Bear, Love-a-Lot Bear, Bedtime Bear, Best Friend Bear, Tenderheart Bear, Birthday Bear, and Wish Bear—make up the collection. Each NFT, as predicted, will have the enduring Care Bears artwork, which was created for the first time by American artist Elena Kucharik in 1981.

Along with unique artwork, the collection will also have a mystery prize dynamic in which some holders will receive reward “crates.” RECUR Pass members will get early access to the sale when the collection launches on August 4. The assets’ current market value is unknown. 

Since Hello Kitty, Star Trek, and Nickelodeon are now collaborating with the project’s Web3 brains, RECUR, in their own individual Web3 travels, the firm is gaining a reputation as the go-to developer for mass popular NFT drops.


The “sandbox metaverse” is a new type of digital asset that can be traded on the blockchain. The sandbox metaverse was created by Care Bears to celebrate its 40th Anniversary.

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