The Bulgari brand is known for the finest luxury timepieces. Unlike other Swiss watch brands, these pieces are not mass-produced and have an exclusivity that has made them very popular in their market segment. But what if there was a way to make this timeless beauty even more special? Enter ERC721 tokens and non-fungible assets like CryptoKitties!

The “non fungible tokens list” is a new feature in the world of cryptocurrencies. This is a token that cannot be divided or duplicated and can only be used once. The non-fungible token has been around for a while, but it’s now being implemented into high end watchmaking.

Bulgari Brings a Touch of the Non-Fungible to High End Watchmaking

Bulgari, a renowned clock maker, has incorporated NFT technology into its most recent wristwatch, giving it a digital component as well as providing evidence of ownership.

Bulgari’s $440,000 Octo Finissimo Ultra watch is the pinnacle of mechanical expertise, combining the digital and physical worlds in a beautifully displayed timepiece. Owners will discover a QR code on the biggest piece of gear in this nicely built souvenir, which when scanned will transport the bearer to a digital version of the well adjusted equipment.

Explorers will be able to witness a high-resolution, animated representation of the remarkable timepiece, as well as a plethora of information about the clockwork marvel, such as its history and idea, design drawings, and production process.

Bulgari Timepiece NFT Non Fungible watchmaking

The magnificent timepiece holds the record for the world’s thinnest mechanical wristwatch, measuring only 1.8mm thick. Using the most cutting-edge tooling processes, as well as the best sandblasted titanium and tungsten carbide money can buy, we were able to achieve this outstanding distinction.

Consider this magnificently sumptuous piece of Bulgari history for the ultimate flex in the NFT world, where digital meets physical, resulting in the ideal marriage of old and modern.


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