Blowfish, a developer of blockchain games and other applications for the gaming industry, has released its governance token. The Phantom Galaxies will allow gamers to compete with one another in an environment that rewards players who can out-maneuver their opponents.


Phantom Galaxies, a highly anticipated triple-A shooter from Blowfish Studios, has hit a significant development milestone. It has made public the Quickswap exchange launch of its crucial $ASTRAFER governance and utility coin.

In addition to allowing users to trade and manufacture NFTs inside the game, this much anticipated $ASTRAFER token will serve as the foundation of the Phantom Galaxies economy and open the door for a new world of play-to-earn goodies and competitive engagement. The “Thermopylae” Poster 3 NFT, the first set of which will shortly be delivered, may be exchanged for amazing in-game stuff.

Since being acquired by industry giant Animoca companies, Phantom Galaxies is the first significant blockchain game from Bolwfish Studios. This represents a significant change for the firm as Animoca attempts to enter the console market. It will also create a simulation of mech-fighting that combines both NFTs and a blockchain-based economy.


The game itself has advanced significantly in recent months and is now now in its public alpha stage. The “Astrafite Rush” event, which is expected to happen later in July, is the first opportunity for fans to start earning money.

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