Blockchain Cuties is a blockchain-powered game that allows players to trade their in-game currency, CryptoKitties. Now the company has announced they’re adding HECO Blockchain and HETAC tokens to its world of games. This will provide an alternative system for earning virtual currency.

Blockchain Cuties is a blockchain-based game that has been created by the team of HECO. The game adds a new universe to the blockchain world and offers its users with an opportunity to earn tokens for their participation in various activities.

Blockchain Cuties Adds HECO Blockchain to its Universe

BCU (Blockchain Cuties Universe) announced its introduction on the HECO blockchain earlier this month. HECO becomes the game’s sixth blockchain as a result of the partnership.

Each time a new blockchain is introduced to BCU, users get access to a new world inside the game. The inclusion of HECO is no exception, which means that players can anticipate to encounter a variety of fresh storylines, heroes, marketplaces, and thrilling prizes during the launch period. BCU is presently providing special presale NFTs on HECO, allowing players a once-in-a-lifetime chance to put the first digital imprints on the ‘world of dreams and imagination,’ as BCU describes it.

The game’s integration of HECO doesn’t end there; BCU’s governance token, $BCUG, has been mapped to the blockchain, enabling players to take use of all of HECO’s features. Within the BCU economic ecosystem, the blockchain will not be alone, since the game’s in-game economy currently enables players to trade Cuties NFTs on the Ethereum, EOS, TRON, Polygon, and NEO blockchains.

HECO is a developer-friendly, decentralized public chain recognized for its high-efficiency, high-speed, and low-fee transaction capabilities, and consumers and developers alike will profit from its inclusion in BCU.

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Blockchain Cuties is a cryptocurrency that was created in December 2017. Blockchain Cuties has announced that it will be adding the HECO blockchain to its universe. Reference: blockchain cuties discord.

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