In a recent announcement, Blockchain Comics announced the launch of its own NFT platform. The project will bring together creators and collectors to explore the world of digital comics on an open source ledger without middlemen or gatekeepers.

The “nft crypto” is a new type of comic that uses blockchain technology. The comics are not yet available to the public, but they will be soon.

NFT (non-fungible token) comic books are not a recent concept. A few people make NFTs using comic book pictures. The connection between comics and NFTs has just recently become more sophisticated. However, that is about to change.

Blockchain Comics, a newcomer in the intriguing but already vibrant field of NFT comics, has recently released its first book, “Satoshi Master of Disguise (SMoD).” This will be the first interactive comic book series ever. On July 11, the business announced the initiative on Medium.

It used to be necessary to merge numerous layers into a single picture and mint it as an NFT in order to create a comic book using NFTs. Costs for doing it this way soon build up since Ethereum charges roughly $50 to mint a single picture.  

With the use of a cutting-edge layer 2 blockchain dubbed ImmutableX (IMX), Blockchain Comics will be able to add several overlays of rarity to each NFT in order to add value. Five categories—Undercover, Mysterious, Incognito, Nameless, and Ghost—will be applied to your attributes.

The scarcity of your comic series is determined by a combination of these elements. Since there are more than 15,000 combinations imaginable, it is nearly likely that your comic book will be unique and include your Satoshi. Each user will encounter unique visuals, stories, and conversation.


Like other comic book heroes, Satoshi faces a slew of foes and will need help to vanquish them. More characters are expected to enter the fray, and when they do, uncommon comics with unique language and artwork will emerge. These new cast members were spawned through multi-layer minting, which has given rise to a new kind of comic.  

Blockchain Comics may independently mint many layers of pictures and provide each layer a use case since IMX is GAS-free. On Ethereum, GAS is the cost needed to complete a transaction or carry out a contract.

The originator of comic books will also pioneer “decentralized publishing.” Every few months you’ll get a new episode if you hold an NFT, and you may sell physical or digital copies of it as NFTs on Blockchain Comics’ website to earn money.

The artists and readers of the comic will work together in an unprecedented way to decide the project’s destiny. Owners of SMoD tokens will be able to vote on the design of the decentralized publishing ecosystem. You may express your view by voting on the series’ direction, but you can also add your two cents by offering ideas and comments. The community will then be presented with suggestions and vote on them.

Decentralized Publishing, which houses the utility for Blockchain Comics, is located at the Blockchain Comics webpage. You will have exclusive publishing and monetization rights as an SMoD holder. Your original comics are yours to mint, publish, and distribute in physical form or as NFTs as you see appropriate.  

Prior to the official debut in a few weeks, the series will go on restricted presale on July 14 on the Immutable Marketplace.

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The “nfts art” is a new blockchain-based platform that allows users to create, trade and sell their own digital assets. The platform also features an extensive library of comics that can be bought with nft’s (non-fungible tokens) or other cryptocurrencies.

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