Christie’s is taking a leap into the future with its new foray into blockchain-powered augmented reality art. The auction house has worked with artist Beeple to integrate human subjects in virtual worlds, paving the way for more interactive and immersive pieces of artwork that blend real life talent with digital creations.

Beeple art nft is a new hybrid artwork that combines the digital and physical worlds. It was created by artist James Bridle and will be on display in Christie’s auction room during the upcoming Frieze Art Fair.

With the sale of “EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS,” renowned artist Beeple threw the art world on its head earlier this year. Now he’s back with a digital-physical hybrid that promises to challenge the frontiers of art once again.

The image “Human One” depicts a lone astronaut strolling methodically across an extraterrestrial plain. An picture is projected onto the four sides of a box, circling slowly as the mystery topic continues its infinite trip, in what is effectively a video sculpture. presenting HUMAN ONE

October 28, 2021 — beeple (@beeple)

On November 9, the new artwork will be auctioned off at Christie’s, with a price tag of up to $15 million. While the successful bidder will get the actual object, it will also include an NFT component. Beeple will continue to modify the information in future updates, resulting in organic artwork that will flourish beyond the sale.

The piece’s tangible form will undoubtedly pique the curiosity of both digital and conventional collectors. And the fact that the auction is taking place alongside traditional artworks indicates that the business is shifting as well. Additionally, beginning October 30, art lovers may marvel at the glories of this new masterpiece at Christie’s Rockefeller Gallery.


Beeple is a human-generated art project that uses cryptocurrency to create artwork. The “beeple crypto art” is a new hybrid NFT artwork created by Beeple, which was previously auctioned off at Christie’s in London.

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