A new type of digital collectible called non-fungible tokens, or NFTs are being used to give crypto enthusiasts a more immersive and interactive experience. What benefits will these new assets provide for creators?

The “nft sales” is a decentralized exchange that allows users to trade any NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform has seen significant growth in recent months, with over $1 billion worth of trades made so far.

Balancing the Economy - NFT News Today

Balance is the essence of rationalism. And the ideal condition of the system is equilibrium. This is the condition in which everything happens according to plan and as it should. Everyone benefits from balance, which occurs when there are no victims or offenders.

Developing a game isn’t an exact science; it’s a continuous process, and developing games on the blockchain necessitates regular balancing owing to the open market’s nature, and we feel responsible for ensuring steady supply and demand.

We said in one of our recent posts that balance is on the way. We gathered community input, reviewed offers, and are pleased to announce that the first balancing fix will be available shortly.


•A -10% reduction in the basic panda prize. •The basic weapon reward has been increased by 8%. •The basic reward for jewelry is increased by 5%. •Energy system and food pricing changes. Pandas have enough energy to go on ten expeditions right now. Following the upgrade, there will be 20 new adventures, such as weapons and jewelry, reducing CPU use and reducing the amount of activities. We’re also attempting to decrease the number of additional activities. Details will be released at a later date.

The time period in which the Nyoron Forests and Terrabarium Caves were featured in adventures. There will be a 2-hour cooling period before the update. The downtime will be 4-hours after the update, however the number of resources necessary to make jewelry will stay same for the time being.

In the near future, we will also loop the requirement for products. This is true for jewelry. Details will be released at a later date.

The fundamental notion is that as the project progresses and new gameplay cycles arise, certain alterations may be necessary. We’ve always tried to make the process of what seems to be a basic game interesting and enjoyable.

We’ve already progressed beyond the point when people were just stockpiling resources. We’ve now reached the stage of production and consumption, where players may make and exchange a growing number of products. One of the most essential parts of blockchain gaming is NFT trading.

True asset ownership, free markets, fast rewards, and transaction transparency are all advantages of trading in the secondary market. These are the characteristics that set blockchain games apart from regular games. As a result, we’re making it easier for gamers to take advantage of this.

We will continue to develop the gameplay and add more value to the game and things, and then we will enter a new phase in which the gameplay will shift toward fighting.

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