The NFTs marketplace, MakersPlace is hosting a Baby Shark collection. The launch of this unique project by the platform was timed to coincide with Leap Day 2019 and has already garnered significant attention from players worldwide.

The “selling nft” is a new type of crypto collectible that can be bought and sold on the Maker’sPlace marketplace. The collection includes psychedelic NFTs.

Baby Shark Heads to MakersPlace with Psychedelic NFT Collection

You may go through life blissfully unconscious of the atrocities taking place all around you. Then, by no fault of your own, you are pushed into a horrifying technicolor reality. On a totally different subject, Baby Shark is gearing up for its very first NFT collection.

Six reimaginings of the Baby Shark family are headed to NFT’s MakersPlace marketplace. Each animation artwork starts with a standard color scheme before transforming into a kaleidoscopic dream world in a hallucinogenic style. Meanwhile, in the background, a psychedelic variation of the now-iconic song plays.

This week, 12/02, Baby Shark: Collection No. 1 will be released!

The beloved creature swims to the blockchain for the first time in Baby Shark’s first official NFT collection from @Pinkfong.

Here you may see all of the artworks and sign up for updates.

November 30, 2021 — MakersPlace (@makersplaceco)

The series has six distinct designs, including an auction for a one-of-a-kind NFT showing the eponymous Baby Shark, which also includes a one-of-a-kind vinyl pressing of the original song, as well as five limited editions depicting his close relatives. On December 2, at 3:30 p.m. PST, all six will be available on MakersPlace. Baby Shark creators, Pingfong, Sony Entertainment, and MakersPlace collaborated on the collection. In the Baby Shark series, it is the first set of NFTs.

Back in 2016, the Baby Shark Dance caught the globe by storm, becoming the most viewed YouTube video of all time with 9.7 billion views. That is to say, some of you have seen it twice.

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