Axie Infinity has announced the launch of a new program called “Builder’s Club.” The club is designed to allow Axie players to gain access to exclusive perks and rewards for playing Axie in-game, as well as give them an opportunity at real world prizes like computer parts and gaming gear.

The “homebuilders” is a new program that will allow the community to build their own custom Axie Infinity games. This program is not for profit, but it will also allow users to earn tokens and badges.

Axie Infinity Supports its Community with New Builder’s Program

Axie Infinity, the master of play-to-earn, has introduced a fresh new builder’s program, bringing together a package of development tools and expertise to enable community developers, demonstrating its view that community cooperation is the platform’s future.

Axie Infinity and its parent company, Sky Mavis, will encourage aspiring creators with a variety of resources and support tools, ushering in a new era of community-built game experiences based on the Axie framework.

Sky Mavis has set aside 5000 $AXS tokens ($400k) to help with the project. As a consequence, any successful applications will get a minimum grant of $5000, as well as design assistance, advice, and Ronin integration to assist them along the road.

As a result, we believe the future of @AxieInfinity is bright. The Axie Infinity Builder application is now available. Now is the time to join:

— January 19, 2022, Black Mamba (@blaack mambaa)

Candidates will be chosen on a case-by-case basis by the Axie team, with mentality, feasibility, dedication, and community participation all playing a role in the ultimate choice. Axie also encourages developers to include play-to-earn mechanisms in their projects. It must, however, incorporate $SLP or $AXS and either burn or return 10% of income to the treasury.

Axie has created a new “Builder’s Program” channel on its Discord to promote this effort, as well as offering a limited number of public development tools and materials.

Apply for the Builder’s Program >> Here