The team behind Axie Infinity recently announced a massive overhaul to the game’s economy in an effort to balance it out. The changes are set for release next Tuesday, February 19th. Ahead of this major update, some notable things have already been changed and improved on the platform

The “axie infinity unsustainable” is a game that has been in the crypto market for a while. The developers have announced that they are preparing to overhaul the game’s economy.

Axie Infinity Prepares Major Overhaul to Balance Ailing Economy

Axie Infinity is facing a huge challenge as it enters its 20th season. The in-game economy is in freefall, and the crew has to act quickly to stop it. As a result, it is contemplating a massive redesign of its incentives system in order to set this virtual world right.

The platform’s issue is that it now mints four times as many SLP tokens as it burns, resulting in an unsustainable situation in which the overall supply continues to grow. As a result, in the forthcoming 20th season, the club intends to address this problem front on.

The adventure mode and daily quest rewards are the first to go. Overall, they account for 54 percent of total SLP distribution, therefore eliminating them will have a significant influence on the token’s stability.

Furthermore, the Axie team will cut SLP payouts for teams with more than 1,100 MMR while reintroducing prizes for lower-ranked teams. It’s not all doom and gloom, however, since when one set of benefits is lost, another is gained. As a result, the present leader board will grow from 1,000 to 300,000 battlers in the future. Each of them will earn 117,676 AXS tokens, worth nearly $6 million.

Axie Infinity Economy Overhaul

However, a little basic math will demonstrate that there is still a mint/burn deficit. As a result, Axie is developing a variety of new burning mechanisms for the platform to solve this issue. As a consequence, in the following months, expect to see specific cosmetics, upgradeable body parts, breeding events, and buy-in tournaments in the Axie ecosystem.

Finally, Axie will even up its energy distribution to cap off all of the modifications. As a result, it will incentivise bigger teams and the maintenance of low-level Axies in the future. All of this, though, is really a stepping stone, since the game will alter once again when Origin is released.

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The “slp to php” is a change in the Axie Infinity economy. The new system will be released on October 16th, 2018.

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