The cryptocurrency market has been on a rollercoaster ride for the past year. As of December 31, 2018,
Bitcoin was worth $3,945 – down 47% from its all-time high in mid-December 2017. But investors continue to seek new opportunities amid fluctuating markets and trading volumes. Axie Infinity is among these optimistic crypto players who are looking to establish themselves as an authority in blockchain gaming by 2020 with their groundbreaking game called “Fantasy Life.” They have outlined plans for 2019 that include releasing a mobile app version and expanding into China’s gaming industry through partnership agreements with established companies like NetEase Corp..

The “axie infinity roadmap 2021” is a blog post by Axie Infinity that outlines the company’s plans for the new year. The blog post includes information on what Axie Infinity has planned for the next few years, including a release of their first game in 2019.

Axie Infinity Outlines its Development Plans for the New Year

With unshakable excitement, Axie Infinity and its army of planet builders have ushered in the new year. With a slew of platform updates, new mythology, and all-new gameplay elements, the game is gaining steam.


First and foremost, Axie’s developers are working feverishly on the Origins (battles V3) overhaul. We’re getting ready to deliver new power-ups, visual effects, and animated face emotions. The update will also provide a new free-to-play option that will use free starting Axies, easing onboarding by eliminating the barrier for people who just want to have fun. The Alpha test release is expected for the following months, and development is moving quickly.



The majority of Axie Infinity’s resources have gone towards developing “Project K,” their widely anticipated open-world extravaganza. The in-game trade function, which will allow users to monetise in-game assets, is now the emphasis, while extra resources are being used to develop and model interactive features such as buildings and goods.

Axie Infinity Development

Perks to Come

Season 20 of Axie Infinity is on track, with the team ready to release testing fixes before the season starts. Should any issues with the game mechanics develop, it will look to the community for help. In addition, Axie plans to launch a referral program to reward members of the expanding community, as well as a grant program for community creators.

Sky Mavis has increased its core staff to over 100 individuals, recruiting a slew of fresh talent such as animators, concept artists, and 3D designers, while also growing its crew. Candidates that are qualified can check out the current jobs here, where they may work in the bustling city of Ho Chi Minh.

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