Axie Infinity, a market for trading and owning digital assets on the blockchain, has announced that it will be introducing an improved cryptocurrency wallet. The company stated that this enhancement is in direct response to user demand. en

Axie Infinity Marketplace Gets a Crypto Flexibility Enhancement: The axie marketplace that is currently in beta has just gotten a crypto flexibility enhancement. This means that the platform can be used to purchase items with any cryptocurrency, including bitcoin and ether.

Axie Infinity Marketplace Gets a Crypto Flexibility Enhancement -

Jeff Kam, a product designer for Axie Infinity, took to Twitter to announce a new upgrade to the game’s marketplace. The new feature, simply characterized as “exciting,” will enable users to purchase Axies and other assets with any token, followed by a “part 2” in the following weeks that would allow users to begin listing assets in any token. 

Katana, a tech solution that can seamlessly switch cryptocurrencies with a single transaction, has enabled the improvement. Katana’s services will also allow for a thorough examination of currency swaps, resulting in a’more flexible’ experience for both buyers and sellers, according to Kam.

We’ll be releasing an interesting new feature to the Axie Infinity marketplace later today. Any token may now be used to purchase axies and other assets. Part 2 of this functionality, which will enable you to list assets in any token, will be released in the coming weeks.


April 14, 2022 — Jeff Kam | Shade (@jeffreykam)

“This functionality is a step toward easier onboarding into the Axie ecosystem,” Kam said, echoing what we may imagine the Sky Mavis team said in general. It will save users time from having to go to Katana, switch, and then return to the marketplace. The enhanced user experience should boost conversions and have a favorable impact on the ecosystem as a whole.”

To pique customers’ interest even further, Kam concluded his statement by stating that ‘there is more to come,’ implying that users may anticipate additional feature updates before Origin’s worldwide debut. 


The “nft marketplace solution” is a new update that has been released to the Axie Infinity Marketplace. The update will allow players to trade in-game items for cryptocurrency.

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