The Axie Infinity team has heard your feedback about the in-game currency, and have decided to implement a way for players to get more creative with their gameplay.

Axie Infinity, a decentralized gaming platform that has been in the spotlight for its ICO, is launching a “Releasing” mechanism to thin the herd. The new mechanism will allow players to release their own games into the Axie Infinity ecosystem.

Axie Infinity Launches “Releasing” Mechanism to Thin the Herd

With over six million Axies, Axie Infinity is experiencing a population problem, as the sheer number of animals is wreaking havoc on the platform’s economy. It is thus necessary to trim the herd and restore environmental equilibrium.

Axie Infinity’s Lunar New Year land goods have finally come, bringing with them the much sought after Axie “releasing” mechanism, as revealed earlier in January. Owners may send their excess Axolotls onboard the Lunacian express to play freely in Lunacia’s wide meadows, according to the paperwork. Certainly not on a large pyre of abandoned Axolotls, where they’d be burned to a cinder. That would be horrible.

Former owners will get one of five rare Lunar New Year land items of varied rarity as compensation for their hardships. A memorial to the once-promising rescuer of an Axie career. The Crimson Tiger is the crowning jewel of these potential relics, with a 1% probability of success.

Axie Infinity Releasing Mechanism

In addition, each Axie issued will serve as a raffle ticket for three legendary giveaways. As a consequence, players have the opportunity to win fantastic rewards. There are 100x CoinGecko or Ganbaru CrypTon Epic Land Items, 1x 5 Axie Origin Coins (AOC), 10x Kitsune Mystic Land Items, and 1x 5 Axie Origin Coins (AOC) up for grabs. The pricey AOC tokens hint to a new Ronin feature in the works, with each coin unlocking a new Origin Axie. In the universe of Axie Infinity, these are exciting times.

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Axie Infinity has launched a new “Releasing” mechanism to thin the herd. The company is using this mechanism to release Axie Infinity’s assets in order to make room for more players. Reference: axie infinity income.

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