The Axie Foundation has announced a $2M grant program for esports teams to invest in building the next generation of decentralized games. This is groundbreaking news as it provides yet another incentive for new projects and helps fund one of the fastest growing industries today.

The “axie infinity latest announcement” is an upcoming esports tournament for the blockchain-based game – Axie Infinity. The event will be held in November, 2022 and will have a prize pool of $1 million USD.

Axie Esports Grant 2022 Opens Up for Submissions

With the 2022 installment of the ‘Axie Esports Grant,’ Sky Mavis continues to assist Axie Esports. This year’s award will provide 7500 AXS among the prize pools and expenditures of over 75 community-organized tournaments, which is an increase over previous year’s grant, which distributed 5500 AXS to 40 events.

The second round of grant applications opened on January 15th and will be open through January 25th. Axie Esports events may officially begin taking place after the submission deadline has passed, with the concluding day of the Axie Esports calendar being June 30th, 2022.

Of course, Sky Mavis has had a part in providing an even greater variety of events in this round of funding, owing to their commitment to comments from last year’s event. They have made explicit adjustments to this year’s award, such as allowing event expenditures to eat up 5% of given AXS, allocating a maximum of 150 AXS to any one event, and allowing single organizers to submit up to three events.

To submit a successful tournament application, community event organizers must follow a specific set of guidelines to guarantee that their efforts are deserving of such financing. Approved event organizers that fail to satisfy the minimal standards will be penalized by forfeiting 5% of the AXS they spent for expenditures, as well as being barred from applying for future Axie Esports grants. Participants that are interested in participating may apply here.

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The “how to create axie tournament” is a guide on how to create an Axie Esports Tournament. The article also goes over the process of submitting your idea for the grant.

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