The 2018 regular NFL season will be the first year that Tom Brady and his face are featured on New England Patriots jerseys. To celebrate, he is launching a series of limited-edition digital items at ESPN’s online store, including stickers and other collectibles relating to his life in the game.

The “nft sports” are a new type of collectible. They are digital assets that can be used in the real world, but they cannot be destroyed. The first set of nft sports was released by football player Tom Brady and ESPN.

Autograph and ESPN Launch Tom Brady NFTs to Mark New Partnership

ESPN has signed a multi-year contract with Tom Brady’s Autograph NFT platform, which will be followed by the sports broadcaster’s first NFT collection. The NFT collection will be based on the ten-part documentary ‘Man in the Arena: Tom Brady,’ which goes deep into the legend’s extraordinary NFL history. 

On Wednesday, April 6th, both the first episode of the series and the NFT collection were released, with the latter consisting of three magazine covers focusing on ESPN’s 14 special edition issues, each of which was penned by the man himself. Brady will autograph 50 versions of these NFT covers, and once the tenth and final episode of the docuseries airs, a second NFT collection named ‘Back in the Arena’ will be released. 

“As the first NFT partner for ESPN, the possibilities across sports and technology are endless, and we couldn’t be more excited to get this content out to the world in a massive way,” Dillon Rosenblatt, the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Autograph, said in a statement following the announcement.

However, enthusiasm for the project has not been universally voiced among Brady’s massive fan base, with some claiming that they never requested for NFC material and others claiming that they have no idea what it is. Finally, such shows of hostility against digital assets are a great illustration of the stark divide that still exists between the sports and non-sporting worlds.

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