The Australian Open has just released a novel NFT, along with the opening of their own Decentraland. The release of these games follows other sports events such as Wimbledon and the Olympics who have also been embracing crypto-themed experiences in recent years.

The “nfts for sale” is a novel new type of digital asset that can be created and traded on the blockchain. The Australian Open has released their own NFTs along with Decentraland’s party.

Australian Open Releases Novel NFTs Along with Decentraland Party

The Australian Open has partnered with metaverse design studio ‘Run It Wild’ to become the first Grand Slam tennis event to attempt a metaverse project. The Melbourne-based tournament is releasing a significant collection of unique utility NFTs, as well as a virtual event for the competition on Decentraland, a metaverse platform.

On January 13th, the tournament will issue a collection of 6,776 NFTs for 0.067 ETH apiece (about $350), and the competition’s Australian summer-themed party event in Decentraland will commence on January 17th. The virtual event will run for the whole two-week competition, and spectators will have the opportunity to participate in numerous tasks for virtual rewards.

Each NFT in the collection will have two primary functions. The first is that it will have a generative art work of a tennis ball that is absolutely unique in terms of color and design. The second feature is groundbreaking in that it assigns a specific region of the tennis court to each NFT.

Owners of NFTs that correlate to the region of court where the balls bounce will get airdrops featuring film of the winning point, virtual wearables, and other Australian Open products when winning shots are hit during the tournament’s 600 matches. All of this is made possible by the same computerized line-calling technology that is used to determine the game’s in-game points.

In addition, the individual who owns the NFT that corresponds to the region of the court where the championship-winning point landed will get an additional special award. The real ball will be given to the NFT’s fortunate owner in a specially engraved case.

The tournament envisions itself as more than simply a tennis tournament, as the project’s head, Ridley Plummer, has said, therefore the metatarsal endeavor looked like the next logical move for the event.

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The “nft price” is a novel type of cryptocurrency that has been released by the Australian Open. The new tokens will be used for prizes and trading on the decentralized platform, Decentraland.

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