Aston Martin, one of the most iconic and luxurious automakers, has joined forces with blockchain company to launch a new limited edition Aston Martin NFT that is only available for 100 days. The vehicle comes equipped with numerous features including access to exclusive VIP events as well as offering owners discounts on future car purchases.

Aston Martin NFT drop announced in conjunction with

For an Aston Martin NFT drop, the Formula One team has partnered up with worldwide partners This coincides with the presentation of the AMR22, their new vehicle for the 2022 Formula One Grand Prix competition.

Fans of the F1 team, Racing Point, which reentered the F1 circuit in the 2021 season following a rebranding, will be able to purchase digitally generated elements of this season’s vehicle.

Lawrence Stroll, a Canadian businessman, owns the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula OneTM Team (AMF1). Sebastian Vittel, a four-time World Champion, and Lance Stroll, who has raced for both Williams and Racing Point, are also among the drivers for the current season.

NFTs from Aston Martin show off the car’s engineering.

The 2022 season will witness the most significant change in technical regulations in the history of Formula One. Aerodynamicists and engineers now face higher problems as a result of the regulatory modifications. This has added to the burden of preparing for the upcoming season, which begins in March 2022.

These new restrictions were the catalyst for AMF1 Team’s new NFT decrease. A collection of four NFTs is available for fans to acquire. Each NFT represents one of the racing car’s most important gears. The front and rear wings, the steering wheel, and the halo are all examples (the Crash Protection System). Each item was created with the assistance of AMF1’s design team.

Aston Martin NFTs are three-tiered and one-of-a-kind.

The Aston Martin NFT drop is divided into three tiers, each of which increases in rarity and unlocks more unique prizes as the price rises. Accelerate, Slipstream, and Velocity are the three ranks. Those who collect all four NFTs will also have the option of purchasing the special-edition, complete AMR22 model NFT.

The release of this year’s Aston Martin NFTs follows the huge success of previous season’s NFTs. With over $2 million in sales, the collection became one of’s best-selling collections. We’re certain that this current collection will generate even more buzz.

Furthermore, as part of the agreement, holders of will get an unique thank you in the form of an NFT collectable.

AMF1 NFT 2021The Aston Martin NFT from the previous year

2 teams dedicated to long-term sustainability

Both parties are totally committed to long-term sustainability. The AMF1 team is devoted to employing the most up-to-date designs and technologies to reduce their carbon footprint. Meanwhile, is taking steps to become a negative net carbon generator throughout its whole business model.  

Rob Bloom, the AVF1 team’s CMO, commented about the cooperation.

“Our first NFT release of the 2022 season builds on the foundations we laid with NFT at the start of last year, when we offered fans the opportunity to acquire the first fresh film of an Aston Martin grand prix vehicle on the track in over six decades.” We took the idea even further this year, designing and producing four unique and rare assets that highlight the AMR22 car’s remarkable design and engineering, as well as an extra unlocking only accessible to fans who acquired all four original items.

“Last year’s release was one of NFT’s most successful NFT drops – and as a special thank-you for their early support, original owners of those NFTs will be awarded one of this year’s pieces.”

“We’re quite excited to see how this all-new collection is received.”

According to Joe Conyers III, executive vice president and global head of,

“Over the last year, the digital collectable industry has risen significantly. We’re excited to be working with the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula OneTM Team on a new set of NFTs ahead of the 2022 Formula One season.

“With this year’s significant regulation changes putting technology and engineering in the limelight, we wanted to concentrate on the aerodynamic and technical solutions that underlie this fascinating sport.”

“The final product is a collection of superbly produced NFT assets that truly bring the breadth and depth of the engineering know-how that went into the AMR22 to life.”

“This NFT drop is a terrific approach to generate enthusiasm and expectation for another exciting season after last year’s tremendous chapter in the sport’s history.”


In a recent post, we discussed the publication of last year’s drop and spoke with Joe Conyers III, who is an expert on the subject. With that in mind, there’s no reason to think this year’s drop will be any less successful.

In fact, it should be a resounding success.

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