Augmented reality has become a ubiquitous feature in our society, with consumer AR apps like Pokemon Go and brands leveraging the technology for marketing purposes. However, it is still difficult to use this powerful tool on its own without constraint from physical limitations such as hardware or location. NFTs promise to change that by pushing the boundaries of what is possible using blockchain-powered assets that live on your phone or computer.

augmented reality nft games are becoming a popular trend. The “augmented reality nft game” is a new type of game that combines the physical and digital worlds. It allows users to play with their friends in real life, by using an AR headset and NFT tokens.

AR NFT Marketplace Connects the Digital and Physical -

The Hunt, the world’s first consumer marketplace that combines augmented reality, computer vision, blockchain technology, and real-world items, just went live.

Rannel Ngumuya, a LA-based artist who assembled a series of NFTs and wearable collectibles based on his brand, Bungalo Boy, started off the event with a limited-edition release. In January 2022, the platform will also release a mobile app (accessible on iOS and Android) that will enable users to import, show, and wear NFTs in AR at any time and in any location.

The Hunt’s big ambition to bridge the gap between digital assets and real commodities will reach a watershed moment with the introduction of the app. The Hunt seeks to do this by allowing customers to engage with NFTs inside immersive experiences that result in a stronger emotional connection with items due to the utilization of numerous technologies not seen on competitor platforms.

Through NFT wearables, gaming, mobile, and decentralized applications, The Hunt will continue to build new AR experiences and further improve its cutting-edge convergence of digital and physical narrative in the next year. It will also seek out more creative and inventive artists, businesses, celebrities, and AR display firms to form relationships with.

The Hunt is on Twitter.


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The “anima nft” is a decentralized marketplace for buying and selling physical goods in the form of cryptocurrency. The market has been created by Animus, an e-commerce platform that uses blockchain technology to create a trustless environment.

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