Vanity Fair, one of the most recognizable global brands in fashion and lifestyle publishing, has announced its partnership with Valuart to launch a series
of NFT collectible covers for their 2019 issue. The digital assets will be released on the blockchain through an APENFT tokenization platform that leverages security features from ERC-721 tokens to ensure authenticity via asset provenance tracking. With this partnership, celebrities like Kim Kardashian West can get behind unique content which is exclusive only as long as they have it – making them valuable collectors’ items impossible to replicate or fake. Additionally Vanity Fair’s new cover model Emma Roberts will also take part in this initiative by releasing her own cover artwork on Ethereum Classic (ETC).

The “nfts art” is a digital asset that can be used as an alternative to traditional artwork. The APENFT partners with Valuart to launch Vanity Fair NFT cover series.

APENFT Partners With Valuart to Launch Vanity Fair NFT Cover Series

The Vanity Fair NFT Cover series has been launched by the APENFT Foundation and Valuart. The partnership’s goal is to give visibility and access to the creative and technology trends that are reshaping the art world right now.

Early in January, the NFT series will be available on the APENFT marketplace. The Vanity Queen, the first-ever NFT coined by Vanity Fair, will be included in the collection. Four Vanity Fair NFT covers featuring stunning artwork commemorating the digital art movement and devoted to TRON’s inventor, Justin Sun, will also be included in the collection.

APENFT has started a queue for its future marketplace, which drew 500,000 pre-registrations on the first day. The Vanity Fair Covers drop, as well as other attractive incentives such as airdrops of its governance token, prizes, and referral bonuses, will be available only to individuals who have signed up for the waitlist. According to APENFT Foundation director Sydney Xiong, the basic purpose of the APENFT marketplace will be to enable users to mint, accumulate, and trade NFTs.

“We are excited to announce the debut of our APENFT Marketplace, which represents a major step forward in APENFT’s exploratory voyage into the realm of NFT and metaverse.” We intend to concentrate on exploiting NFTs to establish a strong and original IP, which sets us apart from other marketplaces. This collaboration with Valuart is an excellent place to start.”

APENFT is a platform that connects top-tier artists with blockchain technology. It was designed with the goal of facilitating the creative economy while also promoting financial and cultural inclusivity in the metaverse. Since its inception in March 2021, it has amassed a large collection of artworks by artists such as Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, Alberto Giacometti, Beeple, FEWOCiOUS, Pak, Mitchell F. Chan, and others. Valuart, on the other hand, is a firm that builds ecosystems to protect and promote the intellectual property of collectors, artists, and brands.

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