TRON is embarking on a new initiative, the TRON Dream Fund. They have partnered with APENFT to invest in blockchain-powered art projects that will reshape how people interact with these works of digital beauty. This comes at an important time as artists are beginning to explore what’s possible when they can be paid directly for their work without intermediaries taking profits from them first.

The “APENFT and TRON Combine For $100 Million Art Dream Fund” is a recent partnership between APENFT and TRON. The two companies plan to use the fund to invest in digital art projects. Read more in detail here: what is nft art.

APENFT, an art curation platform, has teamed up with the Tron Foundation to launch the $100 million “Art Dream Fund.” An intriguing new metaverse initiative dedicated to gathering important tales and fostering cultural inclusiveness.

The Art Dream Fund invests in high-caliber rising artists, and as a result, it has opened its doors to the discovery of new talent. As a result, artists from all around the world are being sought for culturally meaningful and varied artworks. As a result, in addition to insightful legal counsel and targeted marketing services, The Dream Fund will give experienced help in the ways of the digital art world.

The open call asks artists to use the Art Dream Fund to artistically explore the topic of “Second Life” in the metaverse.

With $100 million, we founded the Art Dream Fund to investigate, nurture, and encourage great NFT and digital artists.

October 28, 2021 — APENFT (@apenftorg)

The topic of “Second Life” is the first in this fantastic chance. Applicants are asked to picture the cosmos through the eyes of a parallel universe. The rest is left to the imagination. All viewpoints are welcome: dystopian, utopian, futuristic, and catastrophic. Furthermore, there are no limits on candidates, who might be of any age, from any area, or work in any vocation.

The first round of creative discovery is currently underway, and candidates must submit their work by November 27. The Art Dream Fund will then reveal its finalists on December 11th. The top submission will get a $20,000 reward, with four $10,000 and eight $5,000 prizes waiting for the remaining top candidates. Following that, all 13 will get advise and coaching, as well as the chance to participate in exhibits and the opening of the APENFT marketplace.

Here is where you may submit your application >>