Collect is an app that gives its users the opportunity to earn rewards points for completing tasks. This has created a community of over 30 million people worldwide and will be one of the first companies to launch their cryptocurrency, PMLG!

The “polkamon collector staking” is a new way to get rewards for your PolkaMon. Collect to Earn $PMLG Rewards.

Announcing Collect to Earn $PMLG Rewards

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On the Polychain Monsters website, you may now earn and harvest $PMLG by using our favorite Collector Staking tool.


We introduced our new $PMON-$PMLG Farms to the community earlier this month, where users could contribute their $PMON to new pools on our Farming website to earn $PMLG prizes and move closer to earning a Genesis Island in our future Play-to-Earn game, Polychain Islands.

Following the release of the opportunity to earn $PMLG via both Booster Packs and Farms, the next item on our schedule is to assist our dedicated Collector Stakers in earning weekly $PMLG rewards through their own method. We’re excited to introduce our new Collect to Earn $PMLG program today!

Collect to Earn $PMLG incentives are a means to make sure that every aspect of the Polychain Monsters ecosystem is included in our reward program, which is geared toward our devoted community members and their reactions to our newest innovations.

Booster openings, farming, and collector staking are all key activities in the Polychain Monsters project, and we believe it is our responsibility to make sure that each sort of member that participates in Polychain Monsters is rewarded for their efforts.

Your account will now begin to produce $PMLG in addition to your standard $PMON rewards just by participating in Collector Staking. These incentives will be given in a linear fashion over the next six months, as follows:

  • Over the following six months, 25% of the entire supply of $PMLG (250,000,000 tokens) will be issued.
  • This translates to a weekly payout of 10,416,666.66 tokens.
  • All prizes will be issued through the BNB Chain and may be collected wherever your Collect to Earn $PMON rewards are.

A few noteworthy deliveries were highlighted while deciding how to reward our Collector Stakers. First and foremost, we wanted to ensure that this procedure would not need any more work on the part of the community. This is neatly accomplished by having rewards created in the same area as your Collector Staking $PMON.

Second, we wanted to keep the process as cost-effective as possible for both our consumers and our staff. We’ve saved development time by not having to create a totally new gateway while still allowing community members to monitor and withdraw their Collector Staking rewards in the same way they do now.

Third, despite being the last feature to be released, the short vesting period (six months) for the delivery of these $PMLG should guarantee that our stakers get a high number of incentives in the immediate term. We wanted to represent the significance of staking monsters in our ecosystem in this reward scheme since it is essential to the collecting component of Polychain Monsters.

The Polychain Monsters brand is as much about the Polymon as it is about the fan base. We want to make our members feel appreciated, and we will continue to provide rewards to those that participate actively in the project. We appreciate all of your continued support and comments as we continue to grow and evolve. We’ll constantly searching for new ways to thank our collectors for supporting Polychain Monsters and doing what they love.

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The “polkamon guide” is an announcement that the team at PolkaMon has made. They are announcing their new rewards program called “Collect to Earn.” This is a referral and bounty program which allows users to earn $PMLG for referring other people who also sign up.

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