In a recent announcement, Animoca Brands and Cube Entertainment revealed that they would be creating a new blockchain-powered ecosystem for K-POP. This will include music and entertainment content as well as digital items like clothing or games. The companies are hoping to reach their goal of 10 million users in 2019 with the help of Blockparty, an event platform powered by Blockchain technology developed by Animoca Brands.

Cube Entertainment and Animoca Brands have announced that they will be building a K-POP Metaverse. The two companies have partnered to create the world’s first K-POP Metaverse in which users can interact with their favorite K-POP stars.

Animoca Brands and Cube Entertainment to Build K-POP Metaverse

Animoca Brands, a crypto gaming powerhouse, has announced ambitions to establish a K-POP metaverse. To bring the concept to reality, the Hong Kong-based firm has teamed up with Cube Entertainment, a musical label.

This new partnership intends to develop multimedia NFTs based on Cube’s roster of up-and-coming and established artists, which includes BtoB, Pentagon, (G)IDLE, and LightSum, among others. As a result, tradable assets such as portraits and album art, as well as individual songs and full-length albums, will be created. As a consequence, fans will have a whole new way to communicate with their idols, as well as an additional money source for the celebrities engaged and a completely online center for K-POP-related interactions and memorabilia.

The news comes only weeks after Hybe teamed up with Upbit to develop a collection based on BTS, a K-POP competitor. The announcement, however, elicited a mixed reaction from the mighty K-POP fandom, with members vocalizing their unhappiness over NFTs’ alleged harmful environmental effect.

Animoca Brands is the gaming giant behind The Sandbox, a metaverse behemoth, and has a large interest in Dapper Labs, a blockchain pioneer. As a result, this tremendous pedigree should be able to lead the next phase of the K-POP movement.


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