American Idol, a TV show on American Broadcasting Company (ABC) that aired from 2002 to 2016 and was based around the search for America’s next “Idol,” has now been digitized. ABC launched five new cryptocollectibles with real-time utilities in an effort to commemorate its return this year, according to Forbes.

The “American Idol Launch Celebratory NFTs with Real-Time Utilities” is a celebration of the American Idol launch. The nft tokens are non-fungible tokens that have real-time utilities. Read more in detail here: what are nft tokens.

American Idol Launch Celebratory NFTs with Real-Time Utilities

With the debut of an NFT collection, the hugely popular talent-turned-reality TV show American Idol is commemorating its 20th anniversary. To keep things current, the NFTs will act as trading cards for the current season (Season 20) of the program, with the usefulness of each digital asset dictated by the show’s real-time events. 

ThetaDrop will release the American Idol NFT collection on April 22nd, with $99 bundles including a random competitor from Season 20’s top 14. The cards’ effectiveness will be shown when Season 20 unfolds in real time, with participants being ousted from the competition. If they possess the NFTs of the participants that survive, holders will have a chance to win rewards.

The NFT idea, like the real American Idol competition, will include a weekly schedule of contests and awards. Users who are among the top ten performers in Week 1 will get an official 20th anniversary animated logo NFT.

Holders of two of the top seven performances will get 300 $TDROP tokens through an airdrop in Week 2. Those who have three of the top five performances in Week 3 will win an American Idol Exclusive NFT. Those who have two of the top three performances in Week 4 will earn a ‘VIP Bronze Benefits’ package.

Holders of the NFT for the winner of American Idol Season 20 will get a ‘Real American Idol Golden Ticket’ in the final week. Those who have a Golden Ticket will be placed into a lottery to win a ‘Ticket to Hollywood NFT,’ which will be an actual travel ticket to Hollywood, as the name implies. 

“When it comes to cooperating with internationally-renowned entertainment companies, it doesn’t get much larger than American Idol,” Mitch Liu, CEO of ThetaLabs, said of the novel notion. Fans will be able to go beyond voting for competitors and become judges, celebrating alongside their favorites and receiving incentives as they progress through each qualifying round to the finals, thanks to our Theta-powered real-time predictive NFTs.” 


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