AMC & Orange Comet have put a set of high-quality “The Walking Dead” NFT collectibles up for grabs in the latest promotion. The ad campaign is designed to give AMC and OC fans an opportunity to purchase exclusive items from their online store that are not available anywhere else.

AMC & Orange Comet have teamed up to create a new NFT collection called “The Walking Dead” that includes a total of 8 items.

AMC & Orange Comet Treat Fans to “The Walking Dead” NFT Collection

As the Walking Dead juggernaut reaches its dramatic climax, AMC and Orange Comet provide the ideal method for fans to pay tribute to their favorite program. What better way to remember the highs and lows, nail-biting cliffhangers, and unexpected twists and turns than with a high-quality NFT memento?

Each beautifully produced digital keepsake is inspired by the much-loved series, and includes fan favorites like Daryl Dixon and the fearsome Carol, as well as scenarios, places, and horrifying memorabilia from the world of The Walking Dead. All of it has been beautifully portrayed as animations, avatars, and stunning artwork.

On February 20, at 10 a.m. PST, the first batch of NFTs will be released on the Orange Comet marketplace, coinciding with the premiere of the newest episode of The Walking Dead. Following that, fans may enjoy the NFT pleasure through a variety of fiat-based payment alternatives. For those unfamiliar, Sunday marks the premiere of the midpoint of The Walking Dead’s three-part final season, with Orange Comet giving NFT support all the way to the conclusion.


NFTs from The Walking Dead

These incredible, ground-breaking commemorative NFTs available in a variety of styles. Four different NFT packs are available, each including a pair of high-quality cinematic animations and NFT avatars. Daryl, Carol, the scary soldiers, and the hospital where it all began are among them.

Additionally, fans may own a piece of history by purchasing a one-of-a-kind generative artwork featuring notable heroes and villains from the series, while the first wild card series will contain ‘live’ walker heads bobbing frightfully in a digitally produced fish tank.

The “Walker Access Pass,” a tremendously rare item that provides extra fantastic advantages to its possessor, is the most talked about item. These highly sought-after artifacts will allow access to a secret Discord and give you first dibs on future NFT drops, both private and public.

These costly gifts will only be available for 24 hours, so fans must act quickly. After then, the next opportunity to participate will be a full year later.

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The Walking Dead Orange Comet AMC

The Orange Comet NFT Management Suite is a software package that allows you to manage your Orange Comet N

Once the tokens are sold out, Orange Comet will not sit idly by. The remarkable outfit will supply a comprehensive range of management solutions to facilitate this non-fungible trip. Once acquired, the team will store the fantastic treasures in a custom wallet, as well as provide an easy-to-use site for fans to collect, manage, and trade their Walking Dead NFTs.

The Future Isn’t Fungible

Orange Comet will continue to produce The Walking Dead NFT collections in conjunction with the final season, as well as generating further material for other areas of the brand in the future. All of this, on the other hand, is simply a taste of what’s to come.

Orange Comet is working in the background developing something greater while whetting the whistle with a lot of wonderful tokens. As a result, when the dust settles, the metaverse will herald the entrance of a virtual realm dedicated to The Walking Dead. So strap up and grab some of those delectable avatars because it’s going to be a crazy journey.

NFTs on a Long-Term Blockchain

Orange Comet, aware of the world’s delicate ecology, administers its non-fungible activities using the environmentally friendly Eluvio blockchain, ensuring a sustainable approach that avoids excessive energy usage.

On Sunday, February 20, at 6 p.m. PST, the newest episode of The Walking Dead will premiere. So, on Sunday, join the hordes of the undead and gorge yourselves on some scrumptious NFT artifacts in the Orange Comet marketplace.

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AMC and Orange Comet Treat Fans to “The Walking Dead” NFT Collection. AMC is one of the most popular TV networks in America, and now they are offering a new way for their fans to watch the show. The “amc streaming” is an NFT that allows users to stream the show on their computer or phone.

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