Dibbs is an innovative blockchain-powered game platform that allows players to design and launch their own virtual assets. The company recently revealed it has a deal with Amazon, which will support the gaming industry’s first decentralized marketplace for trading digital collectibles.

The “celebrity nft marketplace” is a new feature that Amazon has added to their website. The feature allows users to vote on which celebrity they want to see featured next.

Amazon Gives Vote of Confidence to Dibbs NFT Marketplace

Amazon, the e-commerce behemoth, has decided to invest in the creative start-up Dibbs. A new kind of NFT marketplace that combines high-tech digital assets with vintage artifacts.

Dibbs’ novel business strategy entails holding real-world valuables in safe vaults while fractionalizing ownership using blockchain-based smart contracts. Buyers may then buy parts of these high-value assets and freely exchange them on the Dibbs marketplace. When a collector obtains 100 percent ownership of a collectable, they will be able to claim the tangible item. As a consequence of this fantastic endeavor, the barrier to entry for would-be collectors and investors will be lowered, perhaps creating a whole new fandom for these highly sought-after goods.

Dibbs also offers a service that allows users to sell their own items on the site. As a result, before shipping the goods to the firm, they must go through a verification procedure. The item will then be insured and stored by Dibbs, and it will be added to the user’s profile. After that, they are free to fractionalize and price the thing as they see fit. Dibbs will charge a flat 2.9 percent fee on all transactions once they are in the system.

With our Sell With Dibbs function, we’re pleased to help Dibbs become a real two-sided marketplace.

I’m ecstatic to announce that @amazon has joined our fantastic team of investors.

Thank you so much to @business and @KimBhasin for reporting this story!

For additional information, go to https://t.co/yNNRN6S67G.

December 2, 2021 — DIBBS | The Collectible Marketplace (@dibbs io)

The Dibbs marketplace’s first concentration was on sports trading cards. However, plans are in the works to broaden the platform’s appeal, with Magic the Gathering and Pokémon items anticipated to arrive shortly.

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The “cardano nft marketplace” is a new cryptocurrency exchange that was recently launched by Dibbs. The platform has received an Amazon vote of confidence.

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