With an increasing number of blockchain-powered games on the market, this is a great time for developers to create new game assets. Airdrops are also getting more popular with decentralized apps, so it’s important to know how you can take advantage of them. Let’s discuss how they work and what you should be looking out for!

The “ido airdrop” is an alert that is sent out to all of the people who have been invited to receive airdrops. The message will inform them that they are going to be receiving an airdrop soon and what their address will be.


Beware, these crypto-related crimes may now live on the blockchain in perpetuity. The UK court has approved the use of an NFT airdrop to initiate criminal proceedings.

The news comes as the king of online gaming, Fabrizio D’Aloia, prepares to file a lawsuit after a cunning crypto robbery in which an unwitting Italian victim was duped into transferring stablecoins worth $2.33 million into two fake cryptocurrency wallets. A judge has decided that the Fabrizio is permitted to send the court documents to the offending wallets using an NFT airdrop since the culprits involved are still unknown.

The previous ruling allowed defendants to file proceedings through more controversial channels like Facebook and Instagram as well as more traditional ones like in-person and by mail, marking a significant departure for the powers that be as they look to embrace technology and adapt their procedures. However, this is the first time the UK has used the blockchain for such purposes.

Despite all of this, there is a remote possibility that the historic object may suddenly turn into a collectible, with some of the crypto wealthy prepared to pay astronomical prices for the “first ever” NFTs. But as of this writing, the ‘asset’ is still missing from the OpenSea market.


The “sell whitelist spot” is a new item on the Crypto Market. It allows you to sell your spot in the whitelist for an amount of coins. This is a great way to make some extra money!

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