Aimedis, a blockchain company focused on bringing real-world medicine to NFTs and the blockchain in order for patients to receive faster and more efficient treatment. Their platform will be based on three key components:

The “nfts in healthcare” is a new project that aims to bring medicine to NFTs and the blockchain. The project will also include an open-source platform for developers who are looking to create their own NFTs.

Two seasoned medical experts are on a mission to change the face of healthcare. As a consequence, they’ve decided to use the blockchain as a solution.

There is data everywhere in the medical business, and there is a lot of it. However, the quality of such data is often lacking. Data is occasionally recorded inefficiently, compromised, and even modified without warning or explanation. This is an issue since we depend on this information to progress medicine and treat patients. Currently, the techniques for storing this data are antiquated and unreliable. So, how can we address this serious flaw?

Solution Possibilities

Dr Ben Idrissi and Dr Michael Kaldasch, two medical sector professionals, think they have discovered a solution in NFTs and the blockchain. They collaborated to build Aimedis, an opt-in medical database that records data from studies all across the world. Medical specialists verify the data collected in these trials, and NFTs are uploaded to the Aimedis ecosystem. Then, for sale to pharmaceutical firms, academics, and AI programmers on the Aimedis NFT marketplace.

Keeping your identity hidden

Patients must initially consent to their information being shared, but the NFT solution will protect their identity. Aidemis will only disclose critical trial data with the buyer, due to blockchain technology. And, to give an extra layer of protection, Aimedis will pay the trials itself, therefore improving the overall quality of the data obtained.

Aimedis is still in the early phases of development. They will, however, undertake their first big cancer study in November, with the goal of enrolling a million patients by 2022.

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