Adidas has partnered up with CryptoKitties to create the adizero kitty and will now produce a series of limited edition sneakers that are available exclusively on the blockchain.
The sneaker is only being produced once, and each one comes with 1k cryptokitty tokens. The first release features an all-black colorway featuring Cat No. 001, which was previously sold for $141k in auction. More than 20 countries have signed up so far to purchase their own pair of shoes using crypto currency or bitcoin as payment.,

The “youtube nft culture” is a new trend that has been taking over the world. Adidas has released a host of amazing NFT collaborations.

Adidas Apes in with a Host of Amazing NFT Collaborations

Some well-known brands will carefully join the NFT space, taking each step with caution and research. Others may disregard caution and go in headlong, acting as if they’ve always been there. Adidas, the world’s largest sportswear maker, is solidly in the YOLO camp.

The last week or two has seen a flurry of informal announcements and rumored collaborations on social media. Adidas, a leisurewear juggernaut, is in the epicenter of this NF-Tornado. On November 18, an unofficial release of a modest POAP set the snowball rolling. A few days later, some clever tweets flew back and forth between them and The Sandbox, showing that the sports shoe aficionados had acquired a sizable slice of metaverse real estate. After that, he teased a relationship with cryptocurrency behemoth Coinbase, with the now-iconic phrase “probably nothing” thrown in for good measure.

We’ve formed a partnership with @coinbase. Almost certainly nothing.

November 24, 2021 — adidas Originals (@adidasoriginals)

Fast forward a few years, and the rumors mill has gone into overdrive, with a huge project being teased from all sides. So far, the Bored Apes, a group of mischievous monkeys, Punks, a non-fungible comic, and iconic collector G-Money have all contributed Adidas-themed graphics. A 3D model of a silhouetted figure wearing Adidas clothes, as well as the four logos of the parties involved, run through all of them. Isn’t it likely to be something?


November 28, 2021 — gmoney.eth (@gmoneyNFT)


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