The Monaco-based cryptocurrency exchange, AAX unveils a popup store in Hong Kong that offers select NFTs for purchase. The event is the latest step in its attempt to demonstrate how NFT assets can be used as e-commerce items on its platform. Heads up: There are only 2 hours until the event closes at 8 PM HKT (7 AM UTC).

The “aax hong kong office” is a new pop-up store that will be available in Hong Kong. The store will feature the latest NFTs, including crypto collectibles, digital art and more.

AAX Unveils Hong Kong NFT Pop-up Store

The first non-fungible tokens (NFT) pop-up shop, themed ‘The Early Days of Crypto — Apes. Pixels. Gods,’ has been revealed by Hong Kong-based crypto exchange AAX.

The exchange’s new branch, AAX Trends, is spearheading the pop-up shop, which will be held in Shop 121, K11 Art Mall, from April 29 to May 9. 

45 pieces of NFT artwork will be shown in three zones: Apes, Pixels, and Gods. 

The Crypto Gods, designed by AAX in conjunction with digital artist FrankNitty3000, will be on display.

In addition, 14 Apes from Elite Apes Hong Kong’s private collection, as well as other Hong Kong-inspired NFT art, will be on show. 

“We are happy to organize our very first NFT pop-up experience in Hong Kong, which has grown as a powerful digital and NFT center,” said AAX Branding Director Yixiang Chen.

“The pop-up shop will provide visitors with fresh insights on the confluence of crypto with economic and cultural transformation, as it lets us to engage with a much larger audience.” It will also illustrate the advantages and benefits of NFTs across a variety of sectors, including banking, consumer and luxury products, and real estate.”

AXX pop up store

What can you anticipate from the AAX pop-up shop?

A panel discussion moderated by AAX Head of Research and Strategy, Ben Caselin, was one of the highlights of the two-week NFT experience.

Caselin will examine the current state of NFTs, their implications, and their influence in this debate with top industry participants.

AAX will also host two more panel discussions with NFT exhibitors, where they will share their own personal tales. 

Also available at the NFT pop-up store, there will be a line of limited-edition merchandise inspired by Bored Apes’ NFTs (BAYC#37 & BAYC#4079).

“This experience comes at a time when we are embracing accelerated change in crypto usage, and it gives a fantastic venue for discussing thoughts on the potential that might arise from NFT and blockchain technology,” Yixiang Chen stated.

AAX was the first cryptocurrency exchange to apply the Satoshi Standard (SATS) to promote Bitcoin adoption, and it now has over 2 million customers from over 100 countries. 

The new section of AAX, AAX Trends, focuses on the most recent developments and upcoming trends in the crypto industry. 

The advent of NFTs in Hong Kong and in real life is highlighted in this event.

NFTs are increasingly bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds, bringing disparate populations together. 

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The “selling nft” is a pop-up store that will be opened in Hong Kong. The store will sell NFTs, and the first 100 customers who purchase an item will get a free t-shirt.

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