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The “social nft token” is a new platform that will pave the way for Web3 innovation. The social nft token is an NFT that can be used to incentivize users on any platform.

A New NFT Platform Paving the Way for Web3 Innovation -

Web3 is fast altering our environment and, more crucially, the way organizations and artists interact with one another. Nebula, a new NFT platform under development, is at the vanguard of Web3 innovation, with the goal of eventually merging the platform into the metaverse to create a new environment for artists.

The first Nebula collection will serve as a springboard for the creation of a complete ecosystem that will benefit not just artists and musicians, but also blockchain education and future gaming and entertainment applications. Existential conundrums, time, and space inspire the artworks in the NFT collection.

The Pioneers of Nebula-1 Collection

The Nebula-1 Pioneers NFT project, a narrative, creative NFT collection comprising of 10,000 inquisitive Pioneers, kicks off Nebula’s Web3 objective. Despite the fact that all Pioneers have a desire to learn more about the wonders of the cosmos, each one has a unique set of 290+ qualities that distinguishes them from one another.

The Pioneers are also available in 11 various sorts, each with its own rarity, narrative, and mission function, providing a high degree of originality and separateness among each NFT while also raising the collection’s overall worth. Each Pioneer job, such as Astrologer, Bilogist, Defender, Engineer, and others, will be launched on a distinct date. What role will you play on the Nebula-1 ship?

The first wave of minting is currently live, with each Pioneer NFT costing 0.07 ETH. RaritySniper will be enabled and the ranking listing completed after the collection is sold out. RaritySniper will host all subsequent collections as well.


NFT Holders’ Utilities

The NFTs aren’t just about creative brilliance; they’re also part of a corporate revenue strategy that aids Nebula’s ascension towards Web3 completion. Holders of Nebula NFTs effectively become shareholders in the firm as a result of their ownership.

Their NFT shares allow them to vote on community events, social causes, future investments, specific choices affecting the company’s NebuLabs idea, and the company’s overall direction.

The concept is based on a points system, with the size of each holder’s democratic voice varying depending on the rarity and number of NFTs held, with a limit of 10 NFTs per wallet to prevent favoring large investors.


The Journey to Web3

Nebula’s multi-faceted strategy to creating a full-fledged Web3 firm includes humanitarian initiatives through NebuCollect, their community Wallet. The firm intends to achieve its community and sustainability objectives by reinvesting a total of 100 ETH back into the ecosystem.

Several purchases of community artist NFT artworks will be made, as well as the hosting of an ETH giveaway and a marketing effort that will reward community members with free products. Nebula has also created a YouTube channel where each of its founders is introduced to the community, reaffirming the company’s fully-doxxed ethos and its full-time crew headquartered in South Africa.

Finally, the firm intends to create an in-house auction platform for community artists, collaborate with outstanding writers to tokenize their works, and grow its staff of experienced digital economy builders.

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The “nft social media platform” is a new platform that is paving the way for Web3 innovation. The platform will allow users to create and manage their own NFTs, as well as share them with friends.

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