On Jan. 18, 1983, a new era of P2E was born with the release of Super Mario Bros., which introduced an entire generation to the world of video games and paved the way for other popular titles such as Zelda, Tetris in 1985 and Street Fighter II in 1991.

The “top p2e games” is a new generation of P2E with a focus on fashion sense. The game has an interesting story and the graphics are amazing.

A new generation of P2E with a focus on fashion sense

Unlike other P2E games, Meta Livly focuses on how players may express themselves and have fun, paving the path for a new generation of P2E games.

Meta Livly is a new peer-to-peer (P2P) service with its own token currency from cocone M, a multinational ICT business best known for avatar coordination services. The MOOI Network, its own blockchain platform, is slated to start in the third quarter of 2022.

Meta Livly is the peer-to-peer version of the app, a popular service with 1 million downloads, a distinctive IP, and a viable business model that won the Google Play award for best app in the Entertainment category in 2021.

Meta Livly’s token economy is unusual in that it aims to spread income through Gachas (item purchases) rather than monopolize them like other P2E platforms do. They want to put systems in place that are genuine to what Web3 has to offer.

Gacha Web3 is the most recent P2E model.

“Gachas” are similar to mystery boxes in that players pay a certain price to obtain a virtual object that is chosen at random. This functionality is included in all Cocone M services and serves as the company’s primary source of revenue. With Meta Livly, that’s changing since they’re creating a new economic framework that employs Gacha sales to return money to the players. Players may buy NFTs from a range of Gacha themes and fashion items in order to obtain mining privileges for the theme of their choice.

It’s a financial commitment. Scores are determined using items from the Gacha themes, and 75% of the overall score is delivered as tokens depending on the player’s NFT. The other 25% of the things are given back to the players. Players may stake their things in the data lab, which will score and compensate them based on how uncommon they are. Because all parts of Meta Livly, from the unique livlies themselves to the customisable island, may be exchanged and owned as NFTs, it is feasible to distribute sales back to the users.


Other P2E games are purely concerned with revenues and the “earn” component of the P2E model, resulting in a lack of enjoyment in the actual gameplay and making it seem like a chore. Due to recent swings, instability, and skepticism in the crypto business, interest in a profit-focused P2E game has gradually waned.

Meta Livly is here to make a difference. Set in a virtual environment, the game enables users to connect and express themselves via the personalization of digital objects and social interactions.

Their platform not only enables gamers to have fun, but it also allows them to make money via the Gacha Web3, a blockchain-based economic system. Cocone M is bringing the world to the metaverse by providing a means to truly have fun while earning.



MOOI Network, a user-friendly platform, is “becoming simpler and closer.”

Due to the nature of META Livly, which emphasizes on fashion item coordination play and beautiful characters, we are assuming the responsibility of guaranteeing that users who are unfamiliar with blockchain technology can simply use and enjoy the service. Meta Livly will debut on Post Voyager’s MOOI Network, which is a subsidiary of cocone.

The MOOI Network is focused on adopting an intuitive UX/UI design, minimal transaction fees, and developing a high-speed user-friendly blockchain in order for users to experience a range of metaverse services effortlessly and conveniently. More people will be able to utilize this service as a result, and one of cocone M’s main aims is to ensure that users can use it effortlessly while having fun.


More information about cocone M may be found here.

Cocone M is a corporation that specializes in Cocone’s CCP (Character Coordinating Play) metaverse.

Cocone M anticipates this business to become more accessible and flourish with time, so they’re working on four more metaverse-related projects to give individuals of various interests something to look forward to.

Meta Livly is the first service in the CCP metaverse, but it will be swiftly followed by CCP – Meta Sensil, Generative Art Puzzle – Meta Niagho, and animation NFT Market services later this year.


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The “p2e crypto games” is a new generation of P2E with a focus on fashion sense. The first game will be released in the fall of 2018.

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