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#6 Cosmic Convos with Sailor Mars feat. Meowgress is a podcast where we talk about the latest cryptocurrency news, and how to make your own crypto-currency. Read more in detail here: rei sailor moon.

#6 Cosmic Convos with Sailor Mars feat. Meowgress

I’ve prepared a unique Cosmic Convos for you today. I always choose the artists myself, alternating between well-known and lesser-known artists throughout the space. As you may have guessed, I’m a big fan of art with psychedelic elements. Following a tip from another favorite artist, I discovered Meowgress on Twitter. When I first saw her work, I knew I had to have it. Her first piece is titled “Child of the Cosmos,” which fits in well with this notion, hehe!

I feel more emotionally linked to the artist’s work as I learn more about them. We often just see the final product and ignore the blood, sweat, tears, and countless hours that went into getting there. Her message that everyone has their own cosmos and that she may share hers with us via her work is amazing. I’m delighted that Marika and others like her can express themselves via art. I hope her story touches many of you as well!

Rei: Hello, Marika! How did you come up with the moniker Meowgress, which is a fantastic artist name?

Meowgress: Salutations, Sailor Mars. Thank you very much for inviting me to speak with you. Haha, it’s no secret that I like cats. Because my future spouse called me a tigress, I combined the words “gress” and “meow.” Meowgress was born as a result of this. With this moniker, I began my artistic career.

Rei: I’d want to learn more about the artist who created the work. Could you tell me a little bit more about your background? 

Yes, of course, Meowgress. My name is Marika, and I’d like to introduce myself. My ethnicity is half-Latvian and half-Asian. My Asian ancestry comes from my father, although I have never met him. And I have no clue who he is or where he is from. Dobele is the little town where I dwell. It’s wonderful to be here. It’s green and inviting. And since I’ve moved here, I’ve been able to keep my anxiousness under control. I am an introvert who is anti-social. However, I’m improving my interpersonal communication skills. I’m like a fish out of water when it comes to social networking. So I’m grateful that I can be myself and share my creativity with others.


Rei: How long have you been creating artwork? You have a distinct sense of style. Was this a style that you’ve always liked, or has it changed over time?

Meowgress: Well, I think it will sound corny, but I’ve been interested in art since I first got my hands on anything I could draw with. For a long time, I was a big music fan. I’ve always had an interest in painting, but I’ve never pursued it. I couldn’t find work in Latvia, so I decided to try my hand at graphic design to supplement my income. For quite some time, I’ve worked as a freelance designer. But let me tell you, that job sucked out every ounce of creativity I had. I was always under a lot of pressure. I didn’t have any days off, and I couldn’t sleep. After that, I had a stroke. My life whizzed by in front of my eyes. And it was at this point that my genuine artistic career started.

I began drawing for myself four years ago. I lacked a sense of style and had no clue what I was doing. All I knew was that I was a fan of line art and painting. Then, somehow, I blended the two into what is now my signature style. I’m continuously learning and growing as an artist, therefore I’m quite optimistic about the future of my career.


Rei: In your work, you can clearly notice psychedelic influences. You also utilize a lot of purple, which is one of my favorite colors! What sources do you use to gain ideas for your artwork?

Meowgress: At first, my work was extremely black. The lack of vivid hues felt gloomy. It was a direct reflection of what was going on inside of me.

The term “weed” is very divisive in today’s society, but let me tell you, it helped me with my mental health issues and sleeplessness. It assisted me in opening my mind and creating my environment as I perceive or choose to view it. It’s a huge element of my “brand” as an artist. Including cannabis in my artwork is a way for me to express my thanks for its assistance when I needed it. And it was here that I discovered my passion for brilliant colors and liveliness.

Also, I’m a sucker for anything weird. Aliens, space, the future, robotics, and other dimensions and possibilities fascinate me. Our thoughts, I believe, are individual worlds. As a result, seeing artists take a piece of their world and turn it into something and present it to others is quite compelling. Our ideas are physically manifested into something that can be seen and/or heard. In some senses, we are also these “higher entities.” We are the rulers of our own artistic universes. As a result, this is my major topic and source of inspiration for my artwork.


Rei: How much time do you spend each day working on art? How long does it take you to create your art, and how does this process work? 

Meowgress: I try to sketch every day. At least 12 hours every day, including roughly 5 hours on weekends. So that I don’t get burnt out, I play video games on the weekends. So I’m simply scribbling crude drawings of my ideas and filing them away in my purgatory folder. Haha.

My own job requires a significant amount of time. The drawing, I believe, is the most intense section. I clean things up to the point where I can make a line work without thinking about it because everything is sorted out and I can just relax and enjoy it. The magic occurs when you start coloring. I’m constantly tweaking my approach to it, but it’s becoming better in my opinion. As a result, a single item takes me between 9 and 20 hours to complete.

Recently, I’ve had very little time for my own work. However, I’m now working on a project that I’m quite thrilled about. But, sadly, I can’t tell you anything about it just now.


Rei: Do you have a certain message or feel that you wish to transmit via your work, or do we, the audience, have to fill in the blanks?

Meowgress: My key message to everyone is to pick a new perspective on life. Many of my characters have more than one eye. And it’s because I want those eyes to represent additional help in seeing beyond the grey curtain, being free to imagine, and exploring a realm without judgment or boundaries. In addition, I create futuristic artwork. And with that, I want to mainstream technology and demonstrate that it is already a part of our lives. And it’s all right.

I want children to see my works because it is only by viewing them that they will realize they are also a part of that universe. They are also invited to vibe with me at any time.


Rei: You’ve begun producing NFTs of your artworks as well. How long have you been doing this, and how has it gone so far?

Meowgress: Surprisingly, I got a lot of messages on NFTs on Instagram. As a result, it piqued my attention, but I never pursued it further. It was October, and I’m not sure what was up, but one day I was inundated with folks asking whether I sold NFTs. Then I saw that some of my favorite artists were very into it. I discovered the Foundation marketplace as a result of them. So, on that particular day, I signed onto my Twitter account, which I had created just to guarantee my “meowgress” username in 2019. I became a member of the Foundation’s Discord channel and met some incredible folks. I’m not sure how, but BoxHead (love you!) sent me an invitation to Foundation on my first day there. That was the end of it! I became disoriented there. To be honest, it seemed like I was visiting a new planet. I’ve never had such a supportive and nice group of individuals in my life.

On November 7th, I minted my first NFT. And I’ve been here for more than two months. That’s insane! I’m completely enamored with it. I owe a debt of gratitude to those who encouraged me to participate.

Rei: Do you have any particular objectives in mind for the NFT space?

Meowgress: As I previously said, I am currently working on NFT projects. Along with 0xGnstic, I’m now a co-founder of Surreal Mind Collective DAO. I wish I could speak more about this, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to. The workload is great, and the plans are big. But for the time being, it is my primary objective and emphasis. Of course, I want to create my own original artwork, improve my talents, and network with others in my field.


Rei: In the NFT realm and in general, which artists do you admire the most?

To be honest, there are far too many. Meowgress: And I hold them all in high regard. Seerlight, BakaArts, Zeronis, and Diberkato would be my top four.

Rei: Do you ever consider what the future could hold? What do you anticipate the world will be like in the next ten or twenty-five years? What role do you believe NFTs will play in the future?

Meowgress: I believe that we are already bionic as humans. Our laptops, phones, and smart watches have already become an extension of ourselves. And I believe that technology is unquestionably the way of the future. The visuals in video games are now better than what we see in real life. Virtual reality will become an integral part of our daily lives. We’re already in the midst of it. Everyone on Twitter is already a part of a metaverse. The only difference is that we have yet to design visuals for it. We’ll be able to view each other in VR as our 3D NFT pfp’s in the near future. We’ll really make our own universe there, and it’ll be made up entirely of NFTs. Prepare to be surprised!

Rei: Finally, what is the best place for folks to learn more about you and your work?

Meowgress: I’m on Instagram, Twitter, and the Foundation.



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