The cosplay and anime community is a very niche market, which means that the most talented and skilled artists in this world don’t always have the opportunity to break into mainstream markets. This is where Zeronis comes in: she is one of the best cosplayers around, but also runs her own brand of clothing called Zer0s. That’s why we decided to chat with her about how crypto has helped change what it means to be an artist today.

The “sailor mars love interest” is a character from the Sailor Moon anime. She has been in multiple relationships with other characters, including her best friend and partner-in-crime, Chibi-Usa.

#5 Cosmic Convos with Sailor Mars feat. Zeronis

Welcome to the sixth installment of my Cosmic Convos! I am quite pleased of the artist with whom I was fortunate to speak this week. If you’re acquainted with the video gaming industry, you’ve probably heard of him. He’s worked on a number of notable League of Legends characters, as well as becoming a highly popular NFT artist in the past year. He is really helpful and enjoys sharing his experience with aspiring musicians.

Even though I’m neither an artist or a major player, I feel that my talk with him taught me a lot. His tale is really motivating, and I hope it might serve as encouragement for aspiring musicians. In my view, he is a very amazing artist, and I can’t wait to watch how he progresses in this fast-paced field. I believe he, like his beloved characters, is on his way to becoming a legend. Take a look at my interview with Zeronis!

Rei: Hello, Paul. Zeronis is a fantastic artist name. What inspired you to come up with it?

Zeronis: Thank you very much! I believe I first thought of the name in Korean, and it seemed incredibly amazing at the time. I suppose emptiness, or the expanse of space and time, might be understood as the meaning or representation.

Rei: Could you tell me a little bit more about yourself?

Zeronis: My true name is Paul Kwon, and I am a Korean American who was born in Phoenix, Arizona. I was a self-taught artist who enjoyed drawing figures, particularly Final Fantasy characters and Star Craft units, as a kid. As an introvert, I like spending time inside playing games and developing fictional characters. Art began as a passion for me, thus I wasn’t previously trained by anybody or at an art school until I went to college in Los Angeles.


Rei: I know you’ve spent a lot of time in the gaming business and have worked for well-known game studios. Can you tell me more about how your artistic career began and progressed through time to where you are now?

Zeronis: As a result, being an artist has been a controversial career decision, at least among my friends and in high school. Many of my classmates were brighter than me and worked hard in school to become attorneys, physicians, and engineers. So, since my father holds a PhD in computer science engineering, I first pursued the same road. After a year of trying it out, I immediately concluded it wasn’t for me. I enjoyed art but wasn’t sure whether I wanted to major in it, so I selected a route that was near by: product design. I had to submit my portfolio to advance to the top level after two years, but I was refused, understanding that maybe my heart wasn’t in it and I didn’t work hard enough. I found about the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and spent three months putting together what I believed was an adequate portfolio; I was accepted and even received some scholarships. So that’s how my Concept Art career began.

In addition, after a year at Art Center, I was offered an internship with Blizzard Entertainment, which was fantastic! I met Samwise Didier because Blizzard sent the incorrect person the award for the Blizzcon Fan Art Contest, so they gave me a tour of their headquarters and asked me to meet the Star Craft and WOW Art Directors. So that was a success! Thank goodness the reward was given to someone else. So, following the Internship, I was approached by Riot Games, and I began working as a freelance concept artist for Ahri and Hecarim. In compared to Blizzard, my first impression of Riot was unimpressive, but I believe I took a decent career risk by electing to join full-time rather than continue my degree at Art Center. After ten years, I’m now working full-time at Timi Studio and part-time at NFT.


Rei: I believe it’s extremely incredible that you’re largely self-taught, especially given how skilled you are. When did you first begin creating work, and how did you get to where you are now?

Zeronis: Since I didn’t speak English when I went to the United States from South Korea, the simplest method for me to make friends was to give people drawings of Cloud Strife. I wasn’t very interested in reading or paying attention in class. I was always preoccupied with playing video games and immersing myself in that world through creating fan art. I believe that’s how I was naturally inspired to develop characters and learned myself how to do it. I believe there is a faster method to learn, but I did a lot of master copies and live studies. I think I had to work hard to get to where I am now. But, before moving on to the exciting things, I always advise my pupils to grasp the foundations and conquer the dull stuff first.


Rei: You’re now a pretty successful NFT artist as well. When and why did you make the decision to enter the NFT sector, and how has your experience been thus far?

Zeronis: This year, around March 2021, I found out about it. I was suffering from persistent RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury) at the time, so my focus shifted to being financially secure. That’s why, in addition to having fun, I worked on Patreon to supplement my income while working full-time at Riot. When I first discovered about NFT, I recognized that it may help me reach financial stability while also giving me the creative chance to invest in myself. With everything shifting so rapidly, it’s been a bit of a roller coaster. I’ve never been so both thrilled and worried in my life. But, most significantly, I believe that meeting some incredible producers and collectors in the community has been a highlight.


Rei: Seeing your work, I assume you’re an anime lover like me, but what are your unique sources of inspiration for creating your art?

Zeronis: I believe my biggest source of inspiration would be Final Fantasy and Blizzard games, which have had a significant effect on my passion of art. Nowadays, I’m inspired by a wide range of things, so it’s always changing. I believe I am always finding new artists and beautiful art via Twitter tweets. It’s also motivating to watch certain Indie games take risks with their visual tendencies, and mobile gacha games are always inspirational.

Rei: What other artists do you admire? 

Zeronis: It’s probably impossible to mention everyone in the NFT space since I’m seeing a lot of artists I follow on Twitter join, which is fantastic to see! But one of my big inspired artists in the NFT sector is Arnold Tsang of the Overwatch game. Japanese painters such as Yoji Shinkawa, Shigenori Soejima, Yusuke Kozaki, and Akihito Yoshida are among the artists I like. There are far too many to mention, but these are the people that have influenced me the most, particularly as a character designer.


Rei: Do you wish to send a certain message via your art?

Zeronis: As you are aware, I am a big fan of female characters. But, for the record, I did create champions like Tryndamere, Darius, Jayce, Rengar, and a slew of male skins in League, but for the longest time, I was enamored with portraying female characters as strong protagonists. VI was my favorite champion to develop for League, as I’ve remarked many times. Because I’ve always thought of her as a powerful main character in a novel. That’s why she has that recognizable tattoo on her face. I believe I’m a little obsessed with creating creative, stylish, ambitious, and gorgeous characters, and I’m constantly on the lookout for the holy grail. But, in the end, I want my work to help viewers and characters connect on an emotional level.


Rei: Do you have any special objectives in mind for the NFT space or your work in general?

Zeronis: In an ideal scenario, I’d want to construct my own metaverse environment for collectors and the community to immerse themselves in. That, I believe, would be the ideal situation! Sure, it’s one step at a time, but I want to leave this earth knowing that I made a difference by providing the community something unique and timeless. I’ve been working on the Deathverse universe for a long now, so creating a world where you may explore completely immersed as characters from the Zeroverse would be fantastic!


Rei: Many budding artists, I’m sure, look up to you. I like the fact that you said that you want to assist by sharing your expertise since you have been in their shoes. How do you go about doing this?

Zeronis: So far, I’ve attempted Twitch and Youtube broadcasting, which I need to devote a lot more effort to! Aside from that, I’ve done some teaching here and there in an attempt to assist the kids as best I can. On Class101, I also had a prerecorded online lesson where I shared my expertise of how to draw and paint stunning female portraits.


Rei: Consider how the world will change in the next 25 years. What do you think this would look like, and what role would NFTs play in this world?

Zeronis: I’m a big lover of artificial intelligence and the implications of how it will effect us in the future. Singularity, General AI, Quantum Mechanics, and Neuralink are just a few of the technologies that I believe will enable us to realize these metaverse ideas far more swiftly than we envisioned. When it comes to change, I consider myself an optimist, therefore I’m incredibly interested to see where we’ll be in 25 years. I wish I were smarter so I could fully comprehend these ramifications, but I like listening to knowledgeable scientists and engineers discuss it on podcasts like Lex Fridman’s. Imagine our artworks, or even characters created by exceptionally skilled artists, living on as fully sentient entities after the creators have passed away. Imagine our own psyche being copied and pasted into the metaverse, where it lives on with our characters long after our physical bodies have died. I believe we are still in the early stages of the situation.

Rei: Finally, where can people discover your lovely artwork?



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Sailor Mars is the fifth Sailor Senshi introduced in the series. She has a strong sense of justice and is quite stubborn at times. Her personality is very similar to that of her best friend, Sailor Jupiter. Reference: sailor mars personality.

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