3LAU’s latest single is a duet with DJ/producer Zeds Dead, and the song “Trip Switch” will be released by X Opensea in early 2019. In order to auction off rights to this new song, Christie’s has provided an opportunity for industry insiders only.

3LAU Joins with Christie’s X Opensea to Auction Rights to New Song

3LAU, a critically recognized DJ and EDM producer, has teamed up with Christie’s and the OpenSea marketplace. A fresh new 3LAU track will be auctioned off by this trio of greatness.

Opposing bidders will compete for the new 3LAU invention “Waveform” from December 4 to 7. The underlying smart-contract will transfer complete commercial rights to the new owner, which makes this deal unique. Following that, the track’s fate is related to the NFT and the person who wields it.

They will then be in charge of the song’s distribution, remixing, and mastering. And that’s not all; the whole package includes a ton of valuable supplementary content. The auction winner will get a copy of the tune as well as complete ownership rights. In addition, there’s a static NFT picture and a stunning 3D reconstruction of the track’s waveform.

@3LAU is presented by Christie’s X @opensea.

Visit https://t.co/0MlaJtK8M6 to learn more about the deal. . Browsing is available from December 1-3, with bidding taking place from December 4 to 7. pic.twitter.com/h3aenIr0H7

November 29, 2021 — Christie’s (@ChristiesInc)

The auction is part of the Christie’s X OpenSea cooperation, in which these two industry powerhouses teamed together for an exceptional sale of art and music, including the greatest selection of remarkable objects from the next-gen art world.

The sale of 3LAU exemplifies the enormous potential for NFTs in the music industry, where smart contracts may add enormous value to the assets involved. Sure, you can download an MP3 or copy a picture quickly. Can you, however, copy and paste the distribution rights? That seems to be a bit improbable.

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