Nine Chronicles is a game that features highly addictive mechanisms of chance, social interaction, and treasure-hunting. With its release in October 2017 (announcement on Oct 27), the game has seen tremendous success with over $2 million dollars being spent already through just one month’s time. Nine Chronicles will continue to grow as it introduces new content such as more cards and different ways to play. Watch out for updates!

The “nine chronicles twitter” is a Twitter account that has been created to update the public on the 2022 Nine Chronicles Roadmap. The roadmap is an outline of what will happen in 2022 and it includes information such as new features, partnerships, and more.

2022 Nine Chronicles Roadmap is Here ✨


We’re really thrilled to share our ambitious 2022 plan with you, adventurers.

This year, Nine Chronicle has a lot on his plate. Our fantastic community has been extremely outspoken about how to construct a decentralized RPG that players can enjoy, compete, earn, and power together from the network’s start.

The new upgrades for this year will try to include as many of the Nine Chronicles Improvement Proposals (NCIP) as feasible. In addition, every quarter, we will organize a community vote to represent your direct input on the system or material to be introduced the following quarter.


  1. Major improvements will be released to restructure Nine Chronicles’ economy, with the potential for long-term development for both the players and the network.
  2. To give new cooperative/competitive challenges, add new material and restructure current ones. Complex scenarios need the use of several sorts of technology.
  3. To expand our user base, we’ll release a mobile client and a PoS update.
  4. Consistently reflect community feedback on the roadmap
  5. Create innovative collaborations with room for expansion.
  6. Improve user experience by updating systems and restoring fundamental balance.


Season 2 of PvP Arena will begin in March – are you ready?

Following the event, we intend to include level requirements for goods, which will expand the scope of trade and crafting activities.

On addition, in the item details tab, a location guide for collecting certain materials will be included, as well as a quick route.

In March, we’ll reveal community voting for Arena Season 3 prizes, as well as our digital card drop with KOLLECT, so keep an eye out.


Not only will Arena Season 3 take place in mid-April, but we also plan to commence whitelisted community mining in the second quarter. In addition, we will rebalance products in order to stabilize the market economy, and we will provide as much information as possible to the public about our efforts.

We’ll release the long-awaited ‘crystal system’ based on item dismantling at the conclusion of the quarter. This will be one of the most significant updates to the 9C economy, bringing with it a slew of new prospects for development and profit. We’ll also be introducing a big system overhaul to the PvP arena, where every month a new play-and-earn tournament will be offered. World 6 will also have a new set of levels and crafting materials.

Nine Chronicles Dungeons, a game based on the Nine Chronicle IP produced by our community, will be published in the second quarter. Through our cooperation, we’ll also be establishing a branch of the 9C experience on The Sandbox, which we can’t wait to showcase!


The introduction of the World Boss, Nine Chronicle’s first cooperative content, is the main upgrade coming in the third quarter. This will introduce a new level of competition to our competitive PvP Arena.

The NCG Staking Feature will also be completely overhauled. We’ve always intended to provide more chances for NCG holders to compete, earn, and improve. The staking upgrade will provide new methods for users to have more fun while also fundamentally altering how they interact with the network.

In addition, the inaugural Quarterly Arena, a bigger structured PvP event, will take place. We anticipate fierce rivalry among our explorers as the stakes become increasingly diversified.

We’re also looking at NFTs with the help of our incredible assets and artwork. Who wouldn’t like to amass a collection of adorable Nine Chronicles PFP?

In addition, we want to make the Nine Chronicle’s proof of stake testnet accessible to the general public.

Last but not least, one of Nine Chronicle’s largest festivals will be hosted as part of a Summer seasonal event.


The fourth quarter will be an exciting season to come, with Halloween and Christmas activities. In addition, at the end of the year, ‘The Annual Arena’ will be held. This once-a-year event will bring the season’s biggest awards to a finale in 2022.

We’re also thrilled to announce that the mobile version of Nine Chronicle will be released before the end of the year, allowing the game to reach a global audience. We designed Nine Chronicles from the start to be a multi-platform blockchain gaming experience that follows you everywhere. Before the release, we’re looking forward to putting this to the test with our loyal community.

Along with this big release, we intend to carry out a Proof of Stake network upgrade, which will drastically reduce network latency.

The “nine chronicles ido” is a cryptocurrency that has been in development for around 2 years. It is currently being traded on the IDO Exchange.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you activate Nine Chronicles?

A: In order to activate Nine Chronicles, the player must place their hand on an area of open space and say Nine!

Can you play Nine Chronicles on Mobile?

A: Unfortunately, no. Nine Chronicles is a PC game and the only way you can play it on your favorite device is to download the PC version of it onto your device in order to make use of mobile phone features like Bluetooth controllers or touch controls.

Can you earn with Nine Chronicles?

A: Nine Chronicles is a free to play game and the developers have stated that if a player is not interested in paying for anything, they should be able to earn enough currency through gameplay.

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