An inflatable character variant of Sailor Mars from BakaArts’ series, “Cosmic Convos.” Three weeks ago I began asking questions for this project and recieved a digital replica of the life-size plush toy as well as an invitation to meet with its creator at New York Comic Con 2018!

The “rei sailor moon” is a blog that features the artist BakaArts. The blog is about Sailor Mars, her life, and her adventures with the other Sailor Scouts.

We welcome BakaArts on the show today to talk about how cryptocurrency is being used in Japan. They’ll be sharing their insights into converting Japanese yen to cryptos, as well as just some of the many unique uses that Cryptocurrency has come up with since its inception.

Hello and welcome to the second installment of Cosmic Convos! This week has been really crazy for me. To begin with, I was ecstatic about the publication of my first Cosmic Convos. I got so many wonderful responses regarding the interview from all of you, and I was blown away by all of the nice feedback. It makes me so happy to hear that my post has already been seen by so many people, and I can’t wait to share many more lovely artists’ tales with you!

Aside from that, I was quite preoccupied with test preparation. I’ve discovered that combining test preparation with active participation in the NFT community may be difficult at times. Although the NFT community is continuously busy, it is sometimes beneficial to stand back and consider what is most essential in your personal life. Finally, I was able to concentrate properly and am well-prepared for test week.

This week, I’m sharing a chat with one of my favorite artists, who I met on Twitter.

Despite the fact that he has already built a name for himself, I believe he has the potential to be a long-term leader in the NFT field. His bizarre, cyberpunk, and science fiction work is mesmerizingly gorgeous, transporting you to a dismal universe. It was a privilege to chat with him. Take a look at my second Comic Convos with BakaArts!

Rei: Hello, Darius! First and foremost, your name is BakaArts. Can you explain me why you choose this name and when you came up with it?

BakaArts: When I obtained a partnership for my YouTube channel, I had to come up with an internet username in 5 minutes. “Well, I enjoy anime and whatnot, so let’s select a term,” I said. I chose Baka, which translates to “idiot” in Japanese, and Arts because I work in digital art. It struck me as ironic!


Rei: I heard you’re from Germany but don’t reside there. Tell me a little bit more about yourself!

BakaArts: I was born in Romania and lived there for ten years before moving to Italy for another ten years till the economic crisis, and now I’ve spent the past ten years in Germany.

Rei: Now let’s chat about your work. Was it always 3D art when you first started doing art? When did you start manufacturing NFTs instead of doing art?

BakaArts: I’ve always been the artsy one in the family that didn’t care for school. I began with paint as a child, progressed to drawings, Photoshop photo manipulations, and finally 3D, where I discovered my home. Late February 2021, I began minting my work as NFTs.


Rei: I sense a lot of sci-fi/cyberpunk/anime influence in your work. Is there a certain place where you obtain your inspiration for your art? 

The Matrix by BakaArts I was inspired to attempt cyberpunk in general by a PS2 game I played as a youngster. It taught me about cyberpunk before I even realized what it was. I didn’t base anything on cyberpunk till later in my career, but I dove deep into it. I subsequently began watching Akira, GITS, Cowboy Bebop, Metropolis, Lain, and other anime series, from which I learnt a great deal about composition, lighting, and concepting. Meobius and Syd Mead have also had a significant impact on my work.

Rei: What other artists do you admire?

BakaArts: Beeple’s consistency, Ian Hubert’s art direction and conceptions, Moebius’ and Syd Mead’s imagination.


Rei: I notice you have an NFT project named The Surrogates as well. Can you tell me more about it and what the project’s next steps are?

BakaArts: The Surrogates began as a spin-off of my Ethertales visual book, but it grew into something much larger and unique. It’s a group of human-controlled androids with varying abilities and appearances. I’ll manufacture 1000 of these by hand, and I’m also working on a generative project.

Rei: Do you wish to use your paintings to express any particular messages?

BakaArts: I let the spectator into my realm and create their own tale every time. I like to provide a clue and let your imagination go with it. My work is seen in a variety of ways by various people.


Rei: I notice that you give a lot of money to mental health charities. Could you perhaps explain why this is so essential to you?

BakaArts: I used to have a lot of anxiety and despair, and I used to have a lot of blockades in my work. I’ve managed to control it in recent years, but it still comes back in and paralyzes me no matter what I do. It makes me feel good to know that I can make a difference and help to solve a problem that affects so many other people.

Rei: Would you want a more utopian or dystopian future over the next 25 years? What role will NFTs play in the future?

BakaArts: The exciting aspect is that I don’t know what the enjoyable part is. Whatever NFTs, inventions, utopia, or dystopia bring us, it’ll be a major deal. I’m hoping to live long enough to see the changes firsthand.


Rei: Do you have any particular objectives in mind for the NFT space?

BakaArts: I’ll keep doing art until I can’t anymore.

Rei: Finally, how can people learn more about you and your work? 

More information may be found on Instagram, Twitter, SuperRare, and Ethertales.



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