The crypto space is growing at an exponential rate and the promises of decentralization are exciting many. As a collectible card game, Trading Cards 008: Sailor Mars has made waves in our industry with its new use of blockchain technology to improve player experience. This article talks about how trading cards like this one can be used as a first step for more real-world applications.

#10 Cosmic Convos with Sailor Mars feat. Dreamz is a podcast that discusses the latest in anime and manga news, as well as other pop culture topics. They also discuss their thoughts on Sailor Moon and her fandom, which has been going strong for over 20 years now.

#10 Cosmic Convos with Sailor Mars feat. Dreamz

The tenth Cosmic Convos has begun. I’d want to wish everyone a good New Year. For NFTs, the last year has been a whirlwind. Jpegs became significant companies, Facebook rebranded as Meta, and major brands such as Nike and Adidas entered. Last year was undoubtedly the finest year ever for NFTs, but this year promises to be even better.

Despite the fact that I’ve been interested in crypto for a long time, I just recently purchased my first NFT! It’s incredible to consider what has transpired since then. The universe seems to be expanding at an exponential rate, making it hard to predict where we will be in a year. That’s one of the things I like about it: unexpected events occur often. When it comes to me, I have great goals for the year 2022! While I can’t say much right now, I’ll be revealing more in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

I wanted to have a strong start to the year! This week’s artist constructs dreamlike characters with the intention of shattering our perceptions of reality and who we are as people. Personally, I like artists that push limits and influence our perceptions of what is acceptable. This week, I received just such an artist, so let’s dig into the realm of Dreamz!

Rei: So, Dreamz, tell me about your artist name in greater detail. What inspired you to come up with it?

Dreamz: Before becoming an artist, I worked as a music producer, and a lot of the time I tried to create dreamy music, such as future bass and lo-fi. After discovering the level of competition in the music business, I abruptly quit creating music and began experimenting with painting. I rapidly realized that painting was going to be much more lucrative for me. When I initially started, I made record covers and logo designs, and I gradually realized that music and art were inextricably linked.


Rei: Who are you as a person, apart from an artist? Please tell us a little bit about yourself!

Dreamz: The best way to define myself is as someone who is interested in the future. I want to challenge people’s perceptions of reality and how they experience it. People in today’s culture, in my opinion, are incredibly closed-minded.


Rei: How did you begin creating art, and how has it evolved over time?

Dreamz: One of my music pals wanted some art produced at the time I was experimenting with after effects, so that was the major reason I began doing art. So I decided to attempt to build him something I felt was interesting, and to my surprise, he loved what I came up with! I’ve just been dabbling with 3D art for about a year as an artist. What’s astonishing is how much 3D art has taken over my life. I was enthralled by it and believed it would allow me to express myself on a deeper level. I quickly learnt all I could. I sought assistance from local artists and asked them to mentor me. In some ways, GHOST GIRL was one of my favorite instructors. At one point, I had spent over $200 on Sushi with her.


Rei: You seem to be influenced by a variety of sources. What are your favorite sources of inspiration?

Ghost Girl, fvck render, Lane, Tech Keys, Jonathan Puac, Klaw Machine, and Bloo Woods are some of my key sources of inspiration in the NFT realm. All of these artists have influenced me to develop what I do now.

Rei: How long do you spend each day working on your art, and how does this process work?

Dreamz: Creating average, I only spend 2-5 hours every day on painting. I spend the majority of my time focusing on social media and building it. As an artist, I feel you must be a master of social media marketing. It is one of the most important aspects of becoming successful in today’s world.


Rei: Do you have a certain mood you’d want to communicate with your art?

Dreamz: I’d want to depict non-existent yet realistic dream-like beings. My major purpose as an artist is to challenge people’s perceptions of reality and who we are as people.

Rei: How did you get started making NTFs, and how has it gone so far?

Dreamz: I got into it after doing artwork for a musician named Yezzi, who is a really underground skilled future bass artist. He informed me that my work might be NFTed, and I’ve been delving further and deeper into this place ever since, learning so much every day.


Rei: Do you have any particular objectives in mind for the NFT space?

Dreamz: As an artist, one of my ambitions is to be able to make the most lifelike humans imaginable and to integrate them into gaming engines for millions of people to enjoy. I’d also want to be able to have people think about my work and get a better grasp of what each piece signifies. I also want to revolutionize the sex industry and turn it into more of an art form than a sexual one. One of the things I’d want to do in this area is to sell out of 100+ NFTs in a row. Currently, I’ve sold out 14 NFTs in a row!

Rei: In the NFT realm and in general, which artists do you admire the most?

Ghost Girl, fvck render, Lane, Tech Keys, Jonathan Puac, Klaw Machine, and Bloo Woods are among the artists included in Dreamz.


Rei: You appear to ponder a lot about prospective futures based on your work. What do you believe the world will be like in ten years? What role do you believe NFTs will play in the future?

Dreamz: I believe the world will become much more digital, with more displays everywhere with eye-catching advertisements and more 3D art. In certain ways, I believe the world is progressively becoming into the next cyberpunk video game, Cyberpunk 2027. Personally, I feel the world will continue to be a combination of utopia and dystopia in my opinion.

Rei: Finally, what is the best place for folks to learn more about you and your work?

Tezos or Foundation are two options for them.



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